Commandos gather for last time as they disband


Former commandos who once fought side by side in one of the most feared forces of the Second World War gathered yesterday to mark the disbandment of their association after 60 years.

A parade was held at the Royal Marines Museum, Portsmouth, allowing Commando Association members to meet for the last time. The group, dedicated to preserving comradeship and providing support to veterans, has been hit by falling numbers.

Its vice-president, Major Jimmy Dunning, 85, of Romsey, Hants, said it was left with about 1,000 members scattered around the world.

He said: "I feel proud but full of nostalgia today but it is inevitable that the association must come to an end."

The parade of veterans, accompanied by the Royal Marines band, was followed by a service attended by the association's patron, Countess Mountbatten, and Gen Sir Michael Walker, the Chief of the Defence Staff.

Also in attendance were guests from towns in Europe that the commandos helped to liberate.
Good on'em; c'est la vie that time marches on. Good on 'em all, and I'll raise a glass to them now. Cheers.


How sad. I wonder, when they look around at the state of the world today, if they ever had doubts that it was all worth it?

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