Commando Speed March Training

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Gremlin0790, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. Somehow I signed up to do the Commando SPeed March with my OTC unit (I must have been drunk at the time). Does anyone know of a good way to prepare for this? Obviously a lot of running, I'm decently fit (I got just over 8 mins for our PFT) but I know I need to improve. So far our team is only running on Mondays, but what can anyone suggest to supplement it? Running with weight is a lot more difficult, any tips? Should I also work on upper body strength, or is that time wasted?

    -Cheers, Gremlin
  2. The first 5-6 miles is up hill, the initial mile or so is fu**ing hard work. do hill training and slow endurance running with weight. Remember progressive, don't put on the worlds biggest bergen and run 8 miles.
  3. Hit the hills mate. 8 minute PFT fitness wont help you here. Find a range of hills and just walk and walk and walk... quickly, with a little weight in a bergan, and slowly build up the weight.

    I haven't done any tabbing/yomping as I am a civi but do train in the hills and can advise you to get as much experience in them as you can as its a totaly different kind of fitness that you will need.

    You COULD hit the step machine at your gym hard but whats the point when you could be up in real mountains in the wonderful british winter weather :)

    Note: be careful and know your limits. If you are new to hiking dont go running up ben nevis, especialy not this time of year, you will die of exposuse.

  4. Buy a para beret and stuff it inside your smock for inspiration. It works wonders. When you fade a bit get it out and give it a rub. :)
  5. Im gathering you have acces to the gym? Before you do this make sure you tell everyone what you are training for, and ofcourse if you cant get out to the hills but require the hill training as i do follow this.

    Get your bergen, get on a treadmill highest incline set it to 5-6 kmph and crack on!

    But if you have access to the hills get up them.
  6. Yes, that will do it. As an ex PW on the AACC I can inform you that people who can 'tab' often fail the nine miler, never mind the 30 miler :)
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    You could try being dead from the neck up, after all pain is but a mere sensation, I have been sensational these last few years!

    Honestly though dont overdo it, Our Regy depot used to do a 27 miler for end of trg coy and they trained really hard for that. Made you feel like you'd earned your Beret and the place on the square just finishing let alone being in the winning section!
  8. Cheers for the info. Is there a cheap-ish bergan that will carry the weight? I don't have any dumbbells I can use to simulate the weight, would water and books be enough?
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Water can be very heavy, it also can be a darned sight more useful when you run out of water from your belt kit. In Munster in the 80's it was very flat and I wagered the aptc staff that I could beat their CFT (old 8 miler) time by marching at regy pace of 140 per minute. To make the big day easier I weighted my CEFO with water bottles in the ammo pouches and eventually worked up to a 50lb bergan. We obviously couldnt go out with weapons on our own so used GS bergans to simulate pln weapons weight.
    I picked up a sprog straight from depot for a pace man and it actually worked. After that all 8 milers became forced marches for us. The point I was trying to make was why bu&&er up any more knees when you can achieve the time with a lot les sphysical impact to your lower body for miles covered! On ex then we would regularly tab 30 + ks with the kitchen sink, at that point stamina overtook speed!
  10. for weight, get some plastic bottles (large-neck orange-squash bottles work best), half fill with water, top off with a bag of builders sand. Works a treat, use different sized bottles for different weights.

    Although the idea of water only is a good one, as at least it is not useless weight.
  11. We used this technique in my platoons after it was explained to me by an old sweat. If you get a move on you can easily march at the required pace rather than run. We won everything and nobody ever worked out how we did it. We used to cover 12 paces in 5 seconds or 144 to the minute. Unliike the para tabbing technique we took short paces. (a lot of our lads were shortarsed). It does take training to get used to it but it is a lot easier on the knees if carrying loads; paricularly on roads.
  12. Done this a few years back (in my late 30's) managed 1hr 15mins if memory serves, they have rules about weight limits etc, i.e. any water you carry is on top of the basic weight. It's a 7 miler with one longish climb from the start up to the Commando memorial, undulates down hill for a spell then a series of small climbs / dips to the end.

    The two events I was part of (one as a participent the other as a spectator) were eye openers in as much as I was surprised that young serving blokes were being beaten to the finish line by civvies and my brothers
  13. I too signed up to the CSM2008! I get these moments where I think im good but 1 week later, half way through selection for it, I had the realisation that im not!, i just need to stop my ego from signing me up for these ridiculous things,

    still, going up tomorrow, im scarrred!!, im the slowest in my group and we're MSUOTC, so theres an actual chance il be last over the line!
    its good to hear that eggbanjo did it in 1hr 15m though, im aiming for under 1:05-1:10... no chance of the 1hour cut off mark

    god be with us,,,
  14. How far?

    What weight, 21lb plus weapon?
  15. F*ck me - Royal even gets taken prisoner on the AACC - is there anywhere you lot haven't surrendered???