Commando Signals Squadron

What is the unit title of the Signals Squadron who supports 3 Commando Brigade as I am trying to contact somebody there. Thanks in advance to any that can help.
UKLF CSG (Command Support Group), at Stonehouse Barracks in Plymouth the one youre looking for? Though there arent many army signallers there.
The guy I am after said he was off to Lympstone around September/October last year, He is a Sigs Sgt and said he was attempting the All Arms course in January. The guys name is K***n M**k. He was at Bulford until early last year. He was posted to Farnbourgh and wasn't happy there so put in Cdo training.
Slightly ecomomical with his words is DutyBooty. The Bde FofS is R Sigs, as are all their 501/Reacher techs. Crypto cell is manned by R Sigs Ops, and at last count there's a tech in Y troop. Thats in CSG. There's a R Sigs Sgt at 29 Cdo RA as a rear link, and there's a rear link det at Chivenor. The crypto at CTCRM is also done by a R Sigs det. (Lovely mess there, good at CSG too) :D

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