"Commando" Shoulder Badges vs Red-Dagger-on-Black

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by nomadcelt, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. Are those who have completed the All Arms Commando Course entitely to wear the old shoulder badges with 'Commando' on them (akin to "Royal Navy Commando" and "Royal Marines Commando") or must we were the small dagger-on-black badge?
  2. Only the Royal marines are entitled to wear the shoulder flash the Red Dagger signfies you are a member of the Army who has done the AACC.
    I might be mistaken in that assumption as I am a crap hat!!
  3. The Navy get to wear a 'Royal Navy Commando' shoulder flash so I was just wondering...... they are certainly available for the army.
    I work in a Navy environment and with RM and RN Commandos around I just wanted to join in.
  4. Royal Navy AACC qualified-shoulder flash
    Army/RAF AACC qualified-Dagger
    RM serving away from a Cdo unit-shoulder flash only
    RM/Matelot serving within a Cdo unit-shoulder flash and dagger
  5. The background isn't black, it's a dark blue.

    What do you mean 'available'? Through the QM? PRI? or E-bay?
  6. ... of 1942.
  7. So what the bloody hell is wrong with the Green Lid and Red on Black Dagger badge you worked so hard to earn?

    Isn't that enough?
  8. Jesus Christ! It was only a question. I was simply asking about protocol. I work in a unit which has Matelot-Commandos and Bootnecks - both of whom have 'Commando' written on their shoulder - I was merely asking about protocol. I'm going to go and cry in to the ogin.
  9. If you work in a unit with matelots, booties and i assume pongos, try counting how many of the army lads have shoulder titles...or, how about asking someone at the unit, but if you're actually entitled to wear the dagger and\or lid then you wouldn't be asking.