Commando Sheep??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Mar 12, 2005.

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  1. Bad enough that some of you ' play ' with the sheep, but now you're teaching them from the mil-ops handbook, too?

    Hungry sheep have been devouring gardens in Marsden, Yorkshire, despite the installation of ' hoof-proof ' metal cattle grids designed to keep Dollie and her kin from ' straying' into the village...

    the good burgers installed night-vision closed curtcuit cameras and discovered that the sheep were using combat techniques to thwart the syatem..

    the sheep would approach the ' barrier ' then lie down on their sides or backs and just roll over the grids...

    This from Dorothy Lindley, local politician as told to the BBC News..

    [ of course, never believe everything you hear, but this is too good to pass up ]...

    Think Lord Flashy is giving them the wrong kind of lessons..
  2. Bit like Op Sudan which al jazera reported to Sudanese government as a US nuclear test in Sudan in 1962 and US ambassador was summoned to explain.
    The yanks had done a Nuc test Op Sedan in Navada that year.
  3. This may be an urban legend as I have heard it many times when wandering about in the upland bits of Yorkshire.
    Mind you, I've always been sure some Yorkshire hill sheep have been trained by THEM. They stare defiantly as you walk past - not scampering away and can be relied upon to rush past at a high rate of knots just as one labours up a summit.
  4. I've seen dogs leopard crawl across cattle grids, also in North Yorkshire.

    Maybe Napoleon the Pig is back in charge? 8O
  5. They are actually a secondment from Orstray'a

    The RAM (Royal Australian Merinos)
  6. Aye, Yorkshire's secret weapon, the Suicide Assault Sheep. Recognisable by the fact it runs backwards through patches of snow. The hills should be safe at this time of year as the lambs haven't finished BAAAATUS yet!