"Commando" Race open to all units?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by The_Swede, Sep 26, 2005.

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  1. I've got a vague recollection of reading an article where a regiment had entered a team into an annual race. Can't remember the details, but I think that it was about 7 miles, squadded run, with weight, had to be completed in about 1hr 10mins, based on the old Commando course. Up in Scotland, I think. Anyone know what this event is and where I could get some info on it?
  2. Annual Spean Bridge Memorial Race (Hope i aint just been Waaaaahhhddddd)
    Will get you some info if you want it
    PM me
  3. Website is


    Looks quite good, but I was hoping it was a bit later in the year. I've got a few too many other things on to really get into it properly at the moment.
  4. Could it be an annual race based on the route to the Commando Training Camp during WWII? recruits were dropped off at the Station, met by Instructors and their 1st Test was to get to the Barracks with all their baggage within a set time, if they didn't make it they were on the next train home!

    I believe the most awesome Challenges currently being carried out by former and serving Army Commando's (Royal Engineers) is the Commando-Joe Challenge, this is being done for Charity and consists of 3 of the World's most awesome Challenges in different terrains, the Arctic, the Sahara and the Atlantic Ocean to see what these guys have done and to see what is still in store for them is amazing!


    Visit the Site and see exactly what Commando-Joe is all about...
  5. Or there is always the Speyside challenge run by 4 PARA over a weekend every May. Approx 80Km to be completed in 24 hours carrying a minimum of 15Kg, backup support teams not allowed. Record is 19 Hrs, but I'm sure that someone out there thinks they can bear that.
  6. As pointed out by others its from Spean Bridge to Achnacarry, 7 miles in 1 hour carrying 36 pound is the target. I did it last year in 1hr 15mins (but then I'm knocking forty so I have an excuse). Went up this year only to watch as my knee was fecked, the lad who won the individual event came in around the 47 min mark (PTI from Pirbright IIRC). There was a whole Company of booties taking part this year so they could win the team event from CTCRM who won in 2004 (2 Para won in 2003).

    Its an eye opener to be honest I wasn't expecting civies to beat serving blokes but plenty came in after a few civvies who took part.
  7. If civvies or ex mil can take part whats the cost
  8. You might have heard of a race called the Karrimor International Mountain Marathon? its mostly done by 'civvies'

    its quite hard apparently.

    see also the 'Bob Graham Round' hats off to anyone who has done this, its a true man test.
  9. my boss came 2nd in the last spean bridge....................and hes knocking 40!
  10. So, did any ARRSERs do the Commando Run this year?