Commando / P Coy crossover?

As far as I was aware, if you have done the All Arms Commando course, then all you needed to do to add wings, was the jumps course.. I have now heard a vicious rumour that you have to do P Company as well now, thus negating any previous course crossover.. Is this so?  Anyone out there at the Royal Citadel? Heeeelp! :-/
Not true.  AACC and a pass on the hills at selection enables you to go straight onto the jumps, I have friends that have done just that.  The airborne lot will try and tell you that its a credability issue, (may be it is) however if you can pass a 10 week AACC you certainly should not have to do a 3 week P Coy course with weekends off to prove your up to jumping out of planes!  Try telling a Royal Marine to take off his wings because he hasn't done P Coy.


balls all of it .Why are you worried, take it you dont like danglers  ;D
It's easy Red light Green light Jump ( & hope you dont pile in )
no mate, I've got nowt against jumping.. I do freefall in my spare time!  I just couldn't be arsed doing P Coy after already doing AACC.  Be like doing it all twice!


sorry mucker didnt mean it that way.
It does depend if your still in role though & which unit you are going to


Well, whats the point really! Done both AACC first, P-coy second for fun because I'm strange. P-coys a joke and women pass AACC.  plus how fit do you have to be to fall out of a plane and crash into the floor? ;)
P-coys a joke
Just out of interest, from someone thats trying to join the army atm (commissioned), and vaguely considdering airborne something or other what exactly does P-Coy involve...the parachute regiment site gives very brief details of 'test week' but isnt all that detailed....just how fit do you actually have to be? how much pre P-Coy training did you all do etc?

Any info appreciated



1. fill bergen with everything bar the kitchen sink
2. run up and down hills
3. fall from the sky



mkw said:
1. fill bergen with everything bar the kitchen sink
2. run up and down hills
3. fall from the sky

4. Drink loads of Beer
5. Fill in some crap hat for looking at you in your bar
6. Alway go to any conflict that is happening
7. Win any competition you put your mind to

Q1. - Why should those that have done AACC do P Coy to go on and get thier Wings.

Answer - To gain respect from those that have done P Coy to gain thier Wings.

The difference between AACC and AA P Coy:

On AA P Coy you are exspected to know what you should have in your bergan, You will not have to lay out the contents of it to be checked by the cse instuctors. You will already know all there is to know about soldier skills, AA PCoy is about mental and physical fitness

P Coy is 99% Fitness
AACC is 95% Bull


War Hero
I've read various bollocks over the years and listened to a fair amount of crap about which course is harder. They are both designed to be hard to pass as the jobs undertaken by the people qualifying from the respective course require blokes with an aggresive, determined attitude.

Getting your wings after P Coy is the icing on the cake, parachuting is a means to an end no different than Marines using landing craft or a Amd Inf unit using an APC. It gets you to where you want to be.

The fact that it can be a ball breaking experiance in itself is another matter

You imply anyone doing AA p coy already have all their S**t in one sock
and all that is required to pass P coy is physical fitness!

The areas of the army these guys come from for both courses are the same ie sigs,eng,gunners.....

so why does the AACC require a level of "retraining" or "educating" in field skills/general soldiering, what you call "BS"

Perhaps the basics are missing, but that appears not to be a problem if you're fit enough to take a bit of a beasting in P coy.

Jumps is just another course for royal, generally a recce type bonus, good for extra beer tokens

Like others have said on the thread stepping out a plane is not that complicated a process. and whats a bit of running, mud and press ups

on a slightly different thread
It would be interesting to hear of any Ex paras who joined the Marines or Marines to para. to compare the two complete training schedules

In a completely objective way of course!!!


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Had a couple of ex-booties in my Coy when I was in, one had joined years ago the other just as I was leaving, both good blokes.

As for why they moved over, one didn't get the posting he wanted the other intended having a stab at selection (this was before the joint SF selection). On being quizzed as to the differences beyween the Cdo course and P Coy it appeared to them that both where ball breaking experiances but the Cdo course was more a troop effort whereas P Coy was very much up to the individual.

Didn't know of any Para Reg guys going the other way myself but have heard that one or two TA Para's made the move, horses for courses.

The All Arms P Coy guys I saw go through depot in the 80's were all trained soldiers in their respective trades / skills as this was when 5 ABN was being formed. They were expected to be able to do their job before they got to the depot and not have to be taught basic soldering / self discipline / kit maintenance etc.
MKW, love the reply! maybe the pic has something to do with it and im a perv for things like that!

had a few mates earlier on in my career, two had done both, they said both were bloody hard, however because AA P Coy was shorter with more physical events per day, it seemed harder because of lack of rest and proneness to injury. however the AACC was equally as hard work but you had more time to recover physically.

me personally i didnt join to do that stuff, wouldnt even think of it, im proud of my beer belly and intend to keep it!! :lol:

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