commando or para sappers ... fitness ?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by skinnyjoe, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. im in the final stages of my recruitment (fingers crossed if i get in) i wana opt for the pcoy or aacc , i know now my fitness is probably not good enough to start the courses but my question is would basic traning put me into a basic level of fitness suitable for starting the courses ? thanks
  2. Focus on getting through training first. You will discover while doing phase 1 and 2 training if your cut out for p coy or aacc imho.
  3. Fitness is only 50% of it mate, all depends if you want it enough, hope that still runs true nowadays.
  4. If you like sex with girls, go Para, with leetle boys... commando.
  5. When I did my training in Gib bks 15 years ago(i feel old)there was extra training in the evening for the blokes who wanted to go to 9 or 59 sqn.

    IMO the basic fitness training is not enough and you would need to put some extra time in to it your self.
  6. AACC for me then! :D
  7. The sqn bummed you then T_C_M?
  8. which one there are quite a few within the corps :? :? :? :?
  9. If you had to go for the para do you need to be running sub 9:40 for 1.5 or the normal engineer run time?
  10. BFT times are at best a very rough indication of readiness for Para selection (the 'B' stands for basic, after all).
    You will probably already have found out that running with equipment is quite a different experience (take a look at the "airborne shuffle" used by guys with loaded bergens on their backs - different technique from bounding out an 8.30 mile and a half).
    A respectable BFT time is a start, but only a start. Stamina and determination count a lot more. The physical fitness can be trained in, but mental toughness is more of a "given".
    Without getting over-dramatic, If you've got it in your head, heart and guts you're already half way there.
  11. Upper body/arms don't get much beasting in Basic. Extra work needed here I would suggest for the Log and Stretcher races.
  12. Really? :D