Commando on the frontline

Anyone know where I can watch this online other than My pc doesnt like the ITV player!

Missed a couple of episodes, wouldn't mind catching up, couldn't see it on youtube

kingburn_99 said:
youtube....i havent checked, but there is nothing you cant get on the tube!!!

kingburn_99 said:
if you havent seen Ross Kemp in afghan watch that mate....very good coverage on youtube and a very good series!!
Seen it cheers, awesome show 8)
McVitie said:

Not looked very hard, have ya... :p
Many thanks, must have had spastic fingers this morning! (It was early when I looked)

Already done mate, saw it at HMV yesterday.
Cool, I'll have to get a copy!

Is any money from the sale of the dvd's going to a worth cause?

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