Commando: On the Front Line

Did a quick search and didn't see anyone having already brought it up so thought I'd mention it. Granted it's about the booties but it looks like it might be promising. ;)

Commando: on the Front Line Thursday 20 September

9:00pm - 10:00pm

There's a reason these recruits-going-through-hell stories are such a bristling sub-genre: they make brilliant television. Here, film-maker Chris Terrill captures all the muddy, shouty horror of the Royal Marines training camp in Devon, as a bunch of spotty youths go through 32 weeks of extreme unpleasantness. After that, any of them left standing will be packed off to Afghanistan - and Terrill will go with them. Training starts gently with lessons on basic things like how to iron, make a bed and so on. In one bizarre sequence the troops stand around straight-faced as their corporal demonstrates - in some detail - the correct way to wash in the shower. Soon enough, though, it gets nasty: during one agonising task an officer hears a recruit groaning in pain. "You're not having a baby - keep your voice down!" he yells. And the "mud run" may sound innocuous, but it has to be seen to be believed. Hell for them, gripping for us.
I mentioned the other day that Chris Terrill may be the person who could help get the vid on youtube on to mainstream TV on build up to Remberance day.

Asked if anyone knew him if it was worth a try, through him to educate public to what forces are facing. If he could help in anyway get it aired it would be good I believe.
Introduced on STV as "having strong language from the outset and also some nudity" .. foam armpads anyone ??
bombdr2494 said:
Definately a PR stunt, dont remember ever not getting my face screamed off for smiling at an officer.
We weren't even allowed eye contact in training, had to look at a spot on their forehead - not too easy when He's 6'5'' and You are 5'4''
PR stunt or not, does it matter if it gets point across to public and people wanting to join up
woolyback_bastard said:
PR stunt or not, does it matter if it gets point across to public and people wanting to join up
Yes, tell the guys the truth, its fcuking hard. But well worth it if you can handle it. Thats why i saw to many scroats that pull all this himan rights bollox. You want the cream of the crop, so tell them if they want a life they wouldnt have as a civie then stick with it.
Bmmbr you are obviously a nailsy cnut.

shti changes but royal ie these guys have been doing it in the stan for a while now......take your head for a break

I'm watching theProgram and I'm thinking its a little more "relaxed" than my experience but the teams have all been on ops and know what they want
So I'm guessing that.....this isn't really how Royal Commandos train? But I don't get it, supposedly these guys are sent into actual combat so surely it's the real deal?
Bed blocks - what a pain in the arrse.

Crab recruits still do them last I heard (2 years ago)
Fellas, training (RM) has changed a lot since we all went through, but it still works. The nods that arrive at CTC are different to the nods that rocked up 10 years ago - they are softer, more "aware" and a product of Blair's Britain. "Nuff said.

So RM Trg changed a bit to reflect that. Plus, not enough were coming through the recruiting offices, so a 50% fail rate on not enough recruits = not enough Bootnecks in 3 Cdo Bde.

All CTC did was to make the earlier "shock of capture" a bit less intense. Cdo Tests still the same (arguably harder than in the late '90s), all criteria tests still the same. I've not seen the show, but I bet you'll see a bit more "colourful" trg when they get to the latter weeks.

Good to hear Royal gets his Arrse out in the first 15 mins though!! Drills!

BTW, there's a thread in the Naafi "Commando" about this too.

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