commando medics

Yeah. Not me :cry: But there are a few.
The RN MA branch have a dozen or so Cdo trained medics. Quite a few tend to transfer from the RM to the RN since the RM doesn't really recognize them properly in terms of career prospects. Therefore they become Commando Trained Navy Medical Assistants.
jarv5116 said:
yeah sorry lads meant cmt commando trained personel
As I understand it, a Navy MA is the RN equivalent of the Army CMT.
They go in with the commando units and do all the messy stuff.

The only Commando trained medics are RN/RM MA's since MA's are what 3 Commando Brigade have instead of CMT's.
CMT's may support the brigade on joint-ops like HERRICK but they're not organic to the brigade so will not get commando trained as that would just be badge-collecting.
If I'm wrong then any CMT's please tell me I'm talking poo but I suspect this is the case.
Going back years ago to 23 PFA......SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

lots of training happened in Malaysia and Brunie......
all advanced medical training was done by a Rear Admiral, Royal Navy....
This guy I did meet on my course and was 100%

Made a IV canula out of a bamboo shoot!!!!!!!!!

And the Cooks......cooked food from a "sand cooker" = a sand castle!!!!!
The_Cheat said:
Can't you be a CMT / RMA with 29 or 59 Cdo?

My old RSM had a dagger and I think that's what he did.

If you are medical orientated.....go NAVY + MARINES...and if ya good will get the dagger......but you will not be SBS!!!!
The only way you can get on the All Arms Commando Course now, is if you are serving/attached to a Commando/Marine Unit, so yes CMTs with 29 & 59 can get on the course
was attached to 20 cdo bty when I was a medic 9 or so years ago and you could get onto the AACC through them if you were that way inclined, know of a few medics that have done both AACC and P coy so there are some out there.
yeh there are quiet a few was with 29 cdo for a while didnt do the course or though i wanted to had abit of a disagreement with the co R*Mb$Rg
I know a few CMT's who are Cdo trained, and I know a guy who has gone on the AA Course while serving at a field hospital. Shan't name names on here obviously...

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