Commando Knives

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bondi-Babe-Magnet, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone tell me if they have ever issued the Marines with commando knives since WW2. Have Wilkinson Sword ever produced a modern version of the FS knife at all.

  2. My dad got one in '56, when he was in 45 Cdo. Blackened blade, made by Wilkinson Sword, sharp point, unsharpened edges. Talk to those nice people on Rum Ration if you need real info :D
  3. Supposedly rush order sent down to the falklands in 82 .And special air sea services are flogging desert commando knives which they claim are over run
    from a special order.
    Last time I was in oakhampton their was some sort of marine instructor with
    one on his belt so guess if they are teaching marines to use them must be on issuse.It has one purpose to kill people .Unless its on a desk as a letter opener or your going round killing sentries pointless.
  4. What about the famous " Fighting knives" used by B20 as described by McNab :twisted:
  5. You might find one on waltbay!!!
  6. Ord Sqn are scaled to hold the knife, for which they have usage on it aswell.


    p.s. "usage" means they issue they knife occasionally.
  7. Thanks for the replies, i was under the impression is was just a WW2 thing as there is not much use for close quarter killing these days.

  8. 49 para have a fair few on perm temp loan on a never ending 1033!
  9. I think most of those you see for sale are very poor copies, does anyone have any genuine info on an actual MOD contract to produce these knives.
    I've heard all the stories about special orders for the Falklands and this and that but believe most of them are BS.

    Are these knives approved by the Royal Marines and are they issued ?

    I am not after one as there isn't much call for silent killing behind the photo-copier -just out of an historical interest.

  10. Said that about bayonets unfortunatly been proved wrong again and again.
    Supposedly got down to hand to hand in the caves of afganistian.Though wasen't there so dont know what they used :D .
    Once spoke to an old bloke who had been in the sbs he wasen't impressed
    with the fabian sykes.And as warmed to his subject his audience was frankly mind boggled went on to demonstrate various ways of killing and disabling germans using me as a dummy certainly made the house officer learn new respect for the elderly :D
  11. Only the special issue double bladed ones though, the single bladed ones are far too waltish.
  12. True, but remember the ones with the groove? the groove for the teeth when holding between dentures whilst creeping up on the enemy!?

    Bloddy chelsea supporters were havin' a ball..... what, with all of 49 para smilin, it was if reggie and ronnie came back