Commando-Joe (Awesome Challenges for Charity) You Must Read!

Commando Joe is about "Challenging the Extreme" - finding and completing challenges that require extreme physical and mental exertion, unflagging endurance, exemplary teamwork and, last but not least, a taste for adventure.
Commando Joe is committed to undertaking three extreme challenges, in three extreme environments, over a period of three years. In following this mantra, we're raising money for the Meningitis Trust, a charity which has provided welcome support for the families of meningitis victims and done so much to save lives by raising the awareness of meningitis.

Our challenges - Atlantic, Arctic and Sahara - have been chosen because they are the planet's most extreme environments. Contributing to the Trust's ongoing work through the completion of such challenges is, we feel, an extremely worthy cause.

Press the Commando Joe Link above to read on through the site to find out more about the challenges that Commando Joe will complete. We hope you will feel able to support us.

You can read all about us through the hard EOD Cafe Website:

Or if you wish to donate to this very worthwhile cause you can donate direct to:

If you don't give to any other Charity this year I would very strobgly ask you to give to this one! not only is the money going to an extremely worthwhile cause, but the guys taking up the Challenge are basically putting their lives on the line to do so!!!

Our personal message:
In June 2006, Commando Joe and fifteen other teams will set out from the North American coastline in a 29ft rowing boat, aiming to cover the 2,800 nautical miles to Falmouth, UK, in as little time as possible. The journey is likely to take about 45-60 days and will require supreme effort from all those involved. It will be the second extreme challenge for the Commando Joe team - in April 2005 they will compete in a 320-mile footrace to the North Pole. (

The 2006 Ocean Fours Atlantic Rowing Challenge is the first four-man crossing of the Ocean from West to East and follows a more northerly route than previous two-man races. Teams will encounter difficult currents, cold weather, high seas and even icebergs.

As well as the mental and physical challenge of competition, the team is dedicating its involvement to the memory of Gareth Rowlands, Pete's sixteen-year-old son. One day in May 2003, Pete and his wife Helen received a call from Gareth's boarding school, informing them of the devastating news that Gareth had suddenly died from meningitis. Just a couple of hours before he had been playing rugby with the school team, joking with his friends and talking about coming home for the half-term break.

We hope our fundraising target of £20,000 will be comfortably exceeded, helping the Meningitis Trust to continue its excellent work in increasing awareness of the disease, funding further research and, most importantly, providing the all-important support to those like Pete, whose families' lives have been irrevocably changed because of the disease.

For more information about our team and the challenges we're facing, please visit our website at Here you can also sign up to our e-mail newsletter so you can keep track of our progress.

Thank you for your support and interest in our Challenge. Please donate generously.

Again at the very least please show your Sapper appreciation by going to the following site and donating whatever amount:-

Thanks to all in advance, after all the Corps is a Family and we do all look after each other in many ways during and after our Corps days...



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