Commando-Joe Awesome Challenges For Charity...Please Read...


The Commando-Joe Team made up of former and serving members of 59 Commando Squadron have just completed their 1st of 3 what can only be described as 'remarkable' Challenges all for Charity, they came an astonishing 2nd Place in the Race to the North Pole, both 1st and 2nd Places breaking all records!

There are 2 more Events, the Atlantic Row and a Race across the Sahara but they desperately need Support to achieve these Challenges and raise their target for the Meningitis Trust (Read Below). It would be great if anyone reading this can make a donation, whatever amount, to their cause. The relevant Links can be found through this message. Please show them how generous the Corps Community can be.

Show the generosity and support from the Royal Engineers Community by pressing the Just giving box above to make your donation to this excellent Charity Event. As well as the mental and physical challenge of competition, the team is dedicating its involvement to the memory of Gareth Rowlands, Pete Rowlands sixteen-year-old son. One day in May 2003, Pete and his wife Helen received a call from Gareth's boarding school, informing them of the devastating news that Gareth had suddenly died from meningitis. Just a couple of hours before he had been playing rugby with the school team, joking with his friends and talking about coming home for the half-term break.

The Teams Message Below:

"Commando Joe is about "Challenging the Extreme" - finding and completing challenges that require extreme physical and mental exertion, unflagging endurance, exemplary teamwork and, last but not least, a taste for adventure.
Commando Joe is committed to undertaking three extreme challenges, in three extreme environments, over a period of three years. In following this mantra, we're raising money for the Meningitis Trust, a charity which has provided welcome support for the families of meningitis victims and done so much to save lives by raising the awareness of meningitis.

Our challenges - Atlantic, Arctic and Sahara - have been chosen because they are the planet's most extreme environments. Contributing to the Trust's ongoing work through the completion of such challenges is, we feel, an extremely worthy cause.

Press the Commando Joe Link above to read on through the site to find out more about the challenges that Commando Joe will complete. We hope you will feel able to support us."

Commando-Joe Awesome Challenges For Charity

Awesome result for these guys, 1st Challenge complete, Well Done to everyone involved, if you haven't read about what these lads are doing and have done in the name of Charity please take a minute to clickon the Link above, they need all the support they can get.
The lads just finished The Atlantic Row, a job well done and i'm proud to have sponsered them. good luck with the next challenge.

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