Commando goes Commando in the Radio times.

Well hello there!!!
Any one who's familiar with Royals will know that being naked / semi naked / exposed is a regular state of dress for them especially when in or near a bar. The naughty buggers are always at it.
Good effort fella! provided that is that no goon decides they "need" to try and punish the lad, in which case poor drills on getting caught!
We had a typical unit phot a couple of years ago, and on the second or third take my mate Br£&n decided to let "little Br/•n" in on the action. Unfortunately this was the phot that was selected for publication in one of the innumerable periodicals we have (one which, unfortunately for all concerned has a sizeable cadet and civilian readership) and though it got to press without little Br!4n being seen, some chaps with stars saw him, and were most dischuffed, making their feelings known in some quite strong terms. They appeared particularly upset by the fact that Br1@n is a WO.
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