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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Cardinal, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. At OPTAG Last week and saw the following badges.

    Royal Marines Commando
    Royal Navy (FAA Groundcrew not Cdo trained)
    Royal Navy Commando (RN Cdo Medics, Phot's etc)
    Army Commando (59 and 131 Cdo Sqdns RE and some 29 Cdo RA)
    RAF Regiment
    RAF Commando (two RAF Regt types who had done the course)

    Also the square 3 Cdo Bde badge and a similar badge with a crown super imposed on the dagger and FPGRM under it.

  2. Errm your point/question is...
  3. Don't tell us, get straight on to Big Chief I Spy!!
  4. How did you find the OPTAG package- Lydd I take it?
  5. By using Satnav and a map?
  6. I was actually referring to how he found the quality and training of the package as opposed to the geographical location of the area in which it was undertaken.

    Apologies for any misunderstanding.
  7. OK, OK I thought there was an earlier thread on this subject. My mistake.

    Lydd/OPTAG well some of it was great; Rules of Engagement/Legal Brief, a subject which cannot be mentioned (PWRR WO well done!), and a few of the other lectures and demo's were great. Which is good since I was expecting death by viewfoil for these subjects.

    Others were, however, not so good and were horribly rushed.

    Certain Scottish and Liverpool instructors might wish to slow down a bit and perhaps take some English lessons. Its enough to mention the parts of a weapon without saying "Actual" all the time! This is the "Actual Magazine" its in front of the "Actual Trigger Guard" which protects the "Actual Trigger"

    Conformation exercises on last day were very rushed indeed and didn't really achieve a great deal.

    But on the whole, worthwhile, professional and I feel it (mostly) achieved what it set out to do.

  8. My sentiments exactly - the PWRR fella was brilliant.

    Back on thread - I too noticed these badges, although not the "Army Commando" is that how it is written. I take it that it is worn in the same manner as the RM Commando titles.
  9. Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines -based in Scotland. They have 3 Rifle companies.

  10. are they at Faslane or is that Commachio Troop?
  11. Commachio Troop is FPGRM -they were renamed and expanded. They are now over 500 strong and are the only operational RM unit outside of 3 Comando Brigade.