Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by manonamission, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Just wondering, left the forces in 2001 done 4 years and in that time passed the All Arms Commando Course, now I've rejoined but a non Commando unit. Should I wear the dagger on my uniform?
    It is something that I was proud of, but 8 years out of the forces is there a rule or something about wearing it??
  2. The dagger is an award (like a medal). Get it up.
  3. So get the Daggers on, thing is I don't want toffee nose telling me to get them off.
  4. manonamission, first of all congrats on rejoining.
    Bad news, I am sure you are not rpt not allowed to put your dagger back on your arm without re-doing the AACC (not the all arms chefs course or all arms canoeing etc) just for the simple reason that what you were originally taught has been amended (ie tactics, fire and manouevre, pairs etc). (Point to note just because you leave the Brigade if you still wear the dagger you are still expected to maintain the standard of fitness to be able to pass the Commando Tests should you be recalled)
    It would, I presume follow if you were sniper, skill at arms etc who also wear a distguishing badge would have to re-qualify
    Sorry matey, but seek guidance first

  5. be proud get it on
  6. Ask the badge when you get to were your going?
  7. Definately a fair comment, I don't actually think doing it a 2nd time round would or could be an option of mine.
    Seeking guidence is what I think i'll do but where? asking someone in a non commando unit would be useless and contacting 3 commando brigade about wearing the daggers? Seems a bit to much.
    Anyone know someone whose been in my situation? Or is there a main Military set of rules?
  8. The badge has nothing to do with it friend. It is a question of being current and qualified.

    Would you accept a former SNCO Anti-Tank instructor on MILAN who rejoins and is posted to a JAVELIN post without requalifying

  9. As a comparison - if you have earned your WINGS as in Para - I think (?) you are allowed to wear them in a NON-Airborne Unit - subject to a polite request...?
  10. All RM personnel that re-join have to re-do the Commando tests

  11. Pleae guys, only post if you know ACTUAL FACTS !!!!

    The Commando Dagger is a qualification badge that can be worn in perpetually, in other words no matter what unit you are in now you can wear it, no one can say a dickie bird, the only thing you can't wear is the green lid as you have to be serving in a commando unit.
  12. One does "very well" and yourself?
  13. Wellyhead, thanks for the post.
    I'm getting a lot of mixed posts here, How sure can you be?
  14. *ing hell, you were a WW2 Train Guard :D
  15. End of day theres plenty of blokes cuttin about the army in non-airborne units with wings on their arm who haven't done a jump in years, but their still eligible to wear their wings as they've earned them. Why would it be any different with the dagger? You've earned it, put it on.
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