Commando Dagger Patch

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by nomadcelt, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. anyone know where I can get some Commando Shoulder patches (Red dagger on black) ?

    I've tried ebay and the like but can't find anywhere.
  2. Pass the required course and get 'em for free!
  3. Wow, you'd think it would be that easy wouldn't you. Seeing as I passed the required course on Wednesday and have only been issued ONE, I thought I'd look elsewhere as wearing the same shirt every day might seem a bit, I don't know, PONGO-LIKE.
  4. Yes, the forces are tight fisted tw@ts. Have you tried
  5. cheers for that address. At least I'll get them for Mess Dress and No.2's. Still can't find any of the bog standard ones though for CS95.
  6. I've got a few bootneck friends and they've always had them in there so may be worth a try.

    if you want to call them it's on their website Clickety click
  7. Fully appreciated. Just got a few - good site too, will bookmark that one!
  8. You have passed a recognised military qualification.

    Your G4 chain has a 'duty of care' to correctly cloth you! otherwise the man with the stick can charge you for being incorrectly dressed!

    Get one or two online - and get the lazy QM types to put the doughnuts down and get some work done.

    worse case - try getting the bootie to get some for you - RMR are in Glasgow! theyll issue you some im sure
  9. garrison pri at larkhill.
  10. Glover + Riding Tailors,Queens Ave, Aldershot 01252-323975 or the same company at 6 Horne Road, Bulford Camp,Salisbury 01980 632904 they will definately have them.
  11. G&R did my uniform for me, post-Sandhurst. Great at jackets but DEAR GOD they're pants at Trews. Two sets of mess trews have ripped so far. Ended up going to RHQ and getting a 60-year old pair that are holding up far better.

    Am sure they'd have patches though. As it happens I've got some from

  12. Slightly off topic but on a similar thread (the system being unable to provide the basics) ....

    I know of RMAC recruits who have bought their own cap badges in order to pass off the at Phase 1 with a cap badge because 'the system couldn't supply'. (thankfully by ways and means the recruits got the cash back but it is a typical state of affairs across the board).
  13. rip off merchants IMHO - one tailor I will never use again
  14. You just wanted to tell us you'd passed the Commando course didn't you :D

    Good effort mate, why not fashion your own badge with some fuzzy felt... You'll be the envy of yoru unit and imagine how impressed the senior ranks will be at you initiative considering the stores haven't got any :D