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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by siggy, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. Is it possible to do the ta aa cc (territorial army all arms commando course) if you are in a specialist role, and not at 131 commando squadron?
    has anyone completed this course?
  2. This is just a guess so I could be wrong, but if the TA course is as popular as the regular course then it will be very difficult for RSIGS to get on.

    Do you live close enough to the relevant unit to actually serve with them. If you just want to do it for the experience (and badge collecting!) then I'm not sure if they would load you on to it since it is probably oversubscribed already..

    As I say, just a guess, I don't know much about TA courses..
  3. I would love to complete the commando course for the experience, I think I would be more confident going to Iraq/Afghanistan knowing that i had undergone training with the royal marines!

    If I could have the best of both worlds then that would be great, The nearest independent unit to me is in NW London, 131 commando sqn, but i'm not up for the weekly drill night.
  4. I was thinking about this and other courses recently....

    From my limited experience, there are normally places on these courses available last minute due to people dropping out (like all cses I guess)

    Would it be an issue for non-role people to do the cse? Maybe? Maybe not?

    All I'm saying is I'm not sure numbers is the issue.
  5. Even the RMR can't get people onto the course, and pax with a non-Cdo LSN in a non-Cdo unit are going to be well down the foodchain.

    Roughly the priority list will be something like:

    1. RMR
    2. 131 Cdo Sqn RE(V)
    3. 100RA(V)
    4. 6 Rifles (V)
    5. Other arms supporting Army Commando units
    6. Everyone else
  6. I hear what your saying, and as I said my experience is limited, but when I was booked to do P-coy there were spare places and people dropped out.

    Note... I guess you could have a Reserves Stand-by list?
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Possibly - but who would want to put in all of the preparation required just on the off chance that they might get loaded onto a course?

    These courses are not there for personal gratification or badge hunting - they are there to select people for service in particular roles and units. If you are not in one of those roles or units or about to get posted to one, you have no need to attend.
  8. True.....
  9. I think that is a regular army answer, for us these types of things are good for retention.

    Imagine if you converted a RLC regiment to para/commando role, what would happen? Increased number of recruits, better quality, better retention, more usefull.

    Yes the para trained RLC driver is complete tosh but it serves a very valuable purpose.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Polar, if the RLC unit was converted to role, then their place on the course is a guaranteed, isn't it?

    If your RLC driver was not in role, but blagged his way onto P Coy and passed, all that would change would be his unicom entry. Not in an airborne/Cdo roled unit? Beret stays as per unit SOP. Not in a para roled LSN - snowball in hells chance of getting on his basic para course to earn his lightbulb (not wings, as he is not serving in an airborne roled unit.

    Actually the para trained RLC drivers in 13 AA Regt RLC might argue with your description of them being tosh, and an airborne roled TA RLC sqn would provide useful IRs for them.
  11. That is all well and good for a "retention exercise" but if Para Courses are being cut back, requalification jumps being cut to the bone, how can the army as a whole justify sending a soldier from a non-commando roled unit onto an oversubscribed and under funded course?
    It is not practical, especially with units being re-roled left right and centre, there will hardly be any slack for "Badge Hunting" for want of a better phrase, I also only know of one TA signals unit that works with the RM, and I certainly don't think the poster is in that unit!
  12. Sorry didn't mean it in that context, I meant having a para trained driver - which really wasn't wanted i.e. we train people in a para role although we don't want that, really we want a good driver.

    Put another way converting 4 Para to normal infantry would not dent its recruitment that much, but converting a RLC to para would have a major effect (even though the para role isn't necessary)

    Or is it just me thats thought of moving to 4 Para/63 Sig Sqn Leeds
  13. The Duke's and Syzavist's subsequent answers to your post clearly answer your argument. I'll add too that it's not a Regular Army answer, it's a whole Army (Regular and TA) answer - what would be the purpose of you doing the course if you were not going to serve in an airborne unit? Why don't you just join/transfer to an airborne unit and then you'll get the chance to train for and attempt P Coy and, if you pass, go to No 1 PTC. Would that help retain you?
  14. I think taking 4 para away from the airborne role would hurt recruitment
    retention but thats another argument.It is possible dont count on it though.
    If you want to do these courses you have to join a unit that is roled otherwise you are very low down in the pecking order.
  15. Admittedly I am not 4 Para, nor infantry, but surely re-roleing 4 Para to Line Infantry would have a major effect on their recruitment, surely these guys join to become Paratroopers and all that it entails, making them become the 7th Bn Yorkshire Regiment would just lead to them losing men left right and centre?
    The unit I was thinking of which has become Commando used to be Para (or the other way around - Engineers?) so you have a similar sort of ethos which is not construed as Badge Hunting, just the best use of the available manpower.