commando course??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by UPUPUP, Aug 14, 2005.

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  1. does anyone know if it is possible to do the commando course ( and any pre commando course) throught the OTC or even the TA? cheers.
  2. Try 131 Commando Engineers - TA unit who are Army Commandos - the last unit as such: you could also try the Royal Marine Reserve.

    You couls always phone CTC Lympestone if really desperate.
  3. I met a TA commando during my Taf 2 course, so yes you can do the commando course in the TA.
    She had grate (and very distracting) tits, I spent too much time staring at them to really pay much attention to anything she said, so I cant give you any more information other than the big YES.

    Women really need to learn to talk from their breasts.
  4. I guess its possible but like the para course if you dont need it and just want a shiny badge .Going to be like finding rocking horse dropings to get on it good luck though.
  5. She? What do the booties think of that?
  6. probably ask for dress tips :).
  7. I knew female types had attempted the AACC but was unaware any had passed. Is there any gender balancing involved?
  8. Sorry, but female TA Cdo sounds like a bluff to me. Check to see if she has actually passed the course...
  9. Actually, she wasn’t going to do the commando course until she had completed her tafs, sorry I should have said that.
    My point is still the same, the TA can do the commando course.

    She did have grate tits though.
  10. cheers i'l have a look at rmr
  11. thanks but i think green student is quite **** as it doesnt give you anything other than an experience.
  12. So what did they grate on?

  13. I which case you are going to struggle with IPB. Its a bit like saying that I'm a brain surgeon.

    Well, I'm watching programmes about it on Discovery...

    She may be going to ATTEMPT the commando course: I am fully aware that TA can take it as it was me that pointed out two units who have to.
  14. As far as I'm aware, the only female to pass so far is Capt Pip Tatersall. At least three others have attempted and failed it.