Commando Badges and parachute wings

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BuckFelize, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. In a nutshell:

    The Commando dagger badge and beret.

    Personnel from all three services who have successfully completed the All Arms Commando Course get to wear the dagger badge (of varying patterns). The commando green beret is only worn by those within 3 Commando Brigade who've done the AACC at Lympestone. Commando-trained personnel who subsequently serve outside the brigade cease to wear the commando beret but retain their commando qualification badge.

    To confuse matters, 3 Cdo Brigade's TRF is an square OG flash with a black dagger. This is not the qual badge. The qualified Commando badge is either a red dagger on an inverted dark blue triangle, or gold on a blue or blue on white 'tombstone' for the RN - depending on dress.

    Para wings and the maroon beret.

    Unlike the green beret, the airborne maroon beret is worn by all (with certain exceptions) attached personnel to 16 Air Assault Brigade - regardless of whether they've done pre-para and the jump course. P Company and the BMPC are not pre-requisites for service within 16AA. Upon leaving the brigade, personnel cease to wear the maroon beret, but jump Q'd soldiers continue to wear the wings.

    The RAF have their own pre-para selection course. RN parachutists are invariably Royal Navy Commando who've completed the AACC. Personnel who've completed the AACC usually do not have to complete P Coy. Jump wings can be found in varying patterns particular to service or regiment.
  2. Parachute Regiment personell wear red berets regardless of whether they are serving in an airborne unit or not.
    The lightbulb was worn by qualified personel who have not served in a unit with parachute capability.I believe it has been discontinued.
    (ive never seen anyone wearing one in my 17 years...
  4. That is because the maroon beret is regimental dress for the parachute regiment, every member of the regiment wears it wheter they have passed P Company or not.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.