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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by billyruffian, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. Gents

    Can you please settle something for me. I am convinced that Paras attached to Commando units/Brigades wear the green beret with the Para reg capbabge( I think I remember a cover shot on Soldier magazine in the mid 80's) obviously any information recieved will not be used for walting purposes-well not by me at any rate.

    Cheers :lol:
  2. Only if said Para had competed the all arms commando course.
  3. Correct - and yes they do once qualified and serving within the Brigade.
  4. About 20 years ago there was an article about a PARA (Maj or Capt IIRC) attached to 3 Cdo Bde RM. It was complete with picture of him wearing commando beret with PARA cap badge. He had passed the AACC.

    Note it is the commando beret not the RM beret which is blue in colour with a toombstone red backing for the badge.
  5. Inf/Mp is totally correct. I also can remember the picture and the story. It was a para captain attached to the cododos! Interesting article.... albeit 15 odd years ago!
  6. not too sure about this - I mknow of Para Gunners who transferred to Cdo Gunners and it was just a straight swap of berets as it was considered that P Coy AACC were equal to each other
  7. It's an urban myth, no AACC no green lid and vice versa. I remember seeing a Bootie officer in the Shot mit maroon lid in the 80s, I asked him about it and he told me he did P Coy for the craick of it - he already had wings up, and told me how everyone did a double take inc RMP who thought he was a walt!
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    True. When I was with them we had a REME Sgt who was para but failed the AACC, so there he was with wings & a navy blue beret.
  9. Well, way back in the early 90's i was at the shot (as a greenjacket on a RMQ course) and bumped into a RM officer who was doing the P Coy 'thing'..said to him, 'you having a laugh or what?' ...he told me that the brigade always sent a few bods on the course as a jolly....also met a few PWRR fellas who got sent there, seems like a lot of mobs sent people there as part of their reggie tradition or something?...anyways, the bootie said that he would never wear the red beret, just did the course cos someone had to...i have seen seen green lids with para badges but that was in the film 'Wild geese'...mind you, i did meet up with a para who had the dagger on his arm, think he must have been part of '148'?...what do i know, i'm part pissed now.........but what about the 'ox and jocks, 43rd LI,who wore the red beret with the LI bugle on a rifle green backing? ...can't really picture the bootie badge looking good on a red beret though.....oh s***t, i'm looking at sister sledge on MTV now..and yes, i would feck the lot of 'em....'brown sugar, how come you taste so good?'.......b*****x, it weren't sister telly's just packed up and it was the AGC pie eater of the year awards!

  10. Not an urban myth at all, at least the bit about Cdo to Para, I read a doc from 7 RHA that stated that if you transfered in and had passed either the AACC or 4/73 OP selection you could bypass P Coy and got straight to BPC, I know of Cdo Officers that did that, however I also knew a WO2 from 4/73 that on arrival at his new post of BSM. he insisted on doing P Coy even though he didn't need to

    As for your bootie with a maroon lid on, if would of had to have been in either 16 (or 5 if it was back then) to wear it as it is a Brigade dress, as is the Green Commando beret dress of 3 Bde
  11. Half right old bean, however, the ONLY way you get a commando green beret is to do the course, no course, no beret and vice versa (no beret, no course) NO ONE in 3 Cdo Bde wears a commando green beret without doing the course regardless if they're PCB or not. Which is what I wrote (tho not clear enough). Unlike 5 Airborne etc maroon lids get passed out pretty much to anyone. Even Para Regt Band (non BPC), att pers at depot (inc WRAC non PBC in the 1980s etc, etc, etc!) and Para Regt recruits prior to doing P Coy got a maroon lid (with a green diamond backing to the cap badge). Like you say, some courses, AACC for example are qualifying courses for PCB. Passing P Coy and BPC does NOT qualify you to wear the commando green beret, only the commando course itself can do that!
  12. well I definately know of dozens of para trained gunners that were given the green beret when the battery was re-roled to commando

    also, is it not true that both p-coy & aacc are considered equal by the brass?
  13. I don't recall ever having seen a Para Regt guy in a Cdo unit (ack some SOs at Bde HQ in the past). The SNCOs working at CTCRM do not wear the breen beret nor are they required to complete the AACC. I am aware that some RM Lts employed as Para platoon commanders have been forced (ordered) to wear the maroon beret although they did not complete P Coy. The other arms and corps will automatically wear a green beret, if AACC qualified, whilst attached to Cdo Forces. I agree with Capt C, no AACC no beret, I don't believe either 29 or 59 would allow a "transfer in" getting the beret any more than their airborne equivalents would.

  14. Do they wear the cdo dagger too? I bloody well hope not and their RSM/BSM should be tearing a new arrse to the cnut who has allowed them to wear the cdo beret!
  15. they wore the beret but weren't allowed to wear the dagger - the majority of the unit did the AACC and all passed. The irony is that the battery has been re-roled back to Para.