Commanding officers cost capture

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Gazzaw, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. Due to most of the TA being reduced in training and on C1 etc; I wonder if the Whitehall bean counters can recoup some of their cash from the COs who do not have a full train set to play with, kicking their heels waiting for April so they can get people to play with again.

    I reckon they should all be reduced in salaries and expenses etc for at least 5 months - as they are not delivering the goods to their CoC - and in effect are using up perfectly good oxygen that others can make use of.

    In fact, take them back on strength to mobilisation for a few months just to get them away from the tumbleweed and cobwebs, useless bar stewards.
  2. *sniff*
  3. Damn your eyes, Gazzaw! Your poor punctuation just cost me a Fembot! She tried working out how the price of a CO could be capture, and - poof - a silicon chip inside her head was switched to overload!
  4. Was that sniff in sympathy of COs at £70K minimum for doing feck all or the fact they might need to justify their existence?
  5. i think the sniff was them worrying at being able to justify their existence.

    yes there are some good CO's out there, however there are some right tools as well.
  6. What about the unit which is putting all their training down as "operational" under pre TOSCA trg, but is telling everybody to pull out at the last minute - they get the days and training but without having to actually send. a rumour of course until i can confirm, but hitting the grapevine. i know which unit it is and keeping my eye on them, that would be a very poor show.
  7. Surely all first rate thrusting Reg Lt Col's avoid TA unit command like the plague?

  8. If you are good, then it is a fantastic opportunity - my last two reg CO's were top notch and have went on for much higher things (fantastic blokes indeed). a reg CO can use or abuse the command appointment, if he makes a mess then his career can go downhill v quickly (i've seen 1*s do it too). being the CO of certain TA regts can be a very important and useful appointment.
  9. Regulars only (I believe) for 21, 23, Cambridge & Oxford UOTCs, so they are a given. RMonRE & HAC I can see - sappers and gunners will rarely be filling the shoes of CDS et al, but then any sapper or gunner gaining unit command should make full col at least. (that's the rumour any how!)

    Which other Bns / Regts fall into your calculations? Happy to be corrected, but I wouldn't see this as a winner from an Inf CO perspective, when his peers will be commanding on ops. As for the other Arms & Svcs i'm unsure.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    CO 4 Para is always a regular post, and two from the last 5 have picked up OBEs from their command. I am sure they would all rather have commanded a regular Bn, but it is not exactly a career stopper either.
  11. CO HAC is 99% of the time a TA post.

    In the last 20 years it has been a regular once, and he was a complete tool but a son of the CGS dont ya know, and needed to be CO somewhere to carry on the family tradition. But as he was so fekkin dangerous the regs didnt want him so we had him.

    Fekkin Goldfish!
  12. Do you think it might have been wise to have used different wording, and a different title, in the Armynet forum on this subject? (Or at least posted anonymously there?)
  13. I thought that. :roll:
  14. msr

    msr LE

    I didn't think anyone read the armynet forums...
  15. People use Armnet for anything other than looking up their pay statement when their paper copy hasn't turned up on time (again) or the messanger thing then they're on ops and can't get on MSN?