Commanding Officer of Commando Logistic Regiment 2006-2007

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by vacuumseal, Apr 26, 2011.

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  1. Could anyone enlighten me with the answer to the above title? July 2007 to be more specific. Can't seem to find a definitive answer anywhere on the net.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I think that you will have trouble finding that information on the net!

    I suggest the Navy List for 06-07 - available from all good major libraries or your Chief Clerk - if his predecessors stashed them away!

    Or, track down the current Chief Clerk for the Cdo Log Regt and ask him to look at the board in the corridor!

  3. That'll work! Got a mate still there, so will ask him to nip through the HQ building in the morning. Thanks
  4. The most senior officer listed for the Cdo Log Regt in the digital 2006 Navy List is Col William John Taylor OBE RM. I do not hold a copy of the 2007 Navy List.
  5. Thanks, that's a massive help and has (I think) answered my question. I'll find out who took command after him tomorrow, if someone else doesn't come up with the answer first.
  6. He was CO of the Cdo Log Regt from Dec 2005 until some time in 2008.
  7. Thanks. I've since seen the info and have clarification. Appreciate your help.