Commanding Officer - 3 Para quitting the Army in disgust.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Nov 17, 2007.

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    A WAR hero Para chief is quitting the Army in disgust over the “appalling” and “shoddy” treatment of troops, it was revealed yesterday.

    The OBE officer, hotly-tipped to one day head the Army, highlighted:
    Soldiers’ POOR PAY,
    A lack of training EQUIPMENT;
    Appalling Army HOUSING;
    Shoddy TREATMENT by the health service.

    ..........Although nothing to do with he didnt get his PPP;

    "The final straw was when he was denied his dream job as Chief of Staff to 3 Division in Bulford for a posting in York instead, away from his Wiltshire home and girlfriend.”
  2. What did they make him!? Colonel Cadets or something?! That would make me quit...
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  4. Integrity?
  5. Well it seems to have pushed a few Journo's buttons - also from the Sun

  6. You just can not win sometimes. Your dammed if you do and dammed if your don't.
    So what if he did not get the posting he was after, there are plenty of people here who have signed off for much less. The fact is, he has made a bold statement as a commanding officer, who had a career, towards the MOD, something many here have been calling out for. Now someone has done it, he gets nick picked for it.

    There are a few examples on here when people go on about the CDS. 'He should have sacked it when in the job, that would have shown them' ect ect

    I won’t hold my breath that his actions will have any major impact on how our forces are treated. I personally feel its best to stay behind the wire and work from within. As some have and still do to this day. :wink:
  7. Not so sure Kenny. Sense of timing perfect. Govt is on the ropes over it's handling of UK Armed Forces. I just hope next time Broon visits the boys he gets the cold shoulder. Have a plan to look left for the big photo opp.
  8. Whatever the spin the Press put on it - the man has made a stand which we should commend.

    The more impact this has, the greater the attempt to discredit him will be. You can be sure that someone is lining up to criticise, undermine and dig up dirt on Colonel Tootal. You can see allready that it is being suggested that he just didn't want to go to York - Afghanistan, Colchester and Aldershot were OK presumably. I hope he has his tin-hat ready.
  9. Im Not so sure nigegilb, best time would have been just before a General Election, but then again he would have most probably got the job he was after if he had resigned with his comments around then.

    Only way things will change is the day when we kick out this present government during the next General Election, as its only then that they start to sit up and take notice. The MOD would have been fully aware of his comments yet they still allowed him to go, so they were not that fussed about his actions or of there implications.

    And of the day, Good luck to him for sticking his head above the parapet.
  10. COS of 6 Div is not a snub. For those who don't know, 6XX will be a permanently deployable 2 star HQ, similar to the Royal Marines' COMAMPHIBFOR.

    Evey, I don't see the issue with his integrity. If he is going because he feels the soldiers are being badly treated, then surely it is right that he says so?
  11. Brown has his own agenda, he does not care about the treatment of the forces. He will put his false smile on when visiting the guys,but as soon as he can no longer smell the unwashed mass's it no longer crosses his mind.

    This is a government that lies to the population and when it gets caught lying, no longer even feels it has to explain itself it is so arrogant and regards the people of this country as an irritation.

    I doubt that the news of Lt Col Tootal's comment raise a flicker, THEY DO NOT CARE!
  12. daz, this story is being given some weight in "The Sun." The Sun (Murdoch)prides itself on picking the next Prime Minister. Labour will be getting very nervous if it thinks a switch in allegiance is in the air. Could even bounce the Govt into giving more support to UKAF. I agree with your main sentiment, but there is a lot at stake for the liars running the country. Their continued position with their noses in the trough for example.
  13. What difference does it make if he has personal as well as professional reasons for leaving? At least he is using the opportunity that his decision presents to highlight issues that are obviously dear to his (and our) heart. More power to his elbow and I hope that others follow suit.
  14. <<<An insider said: “The final straw was when he was denied his dream job as Chief of Staff to 3 Division in Bulford for a posting in York instead, away from his Wiltshire home and girlfriend.” >>>

    It makes you wonder who the insider was, it obviously wasn't a friend and is probably only his impression. Then again it could have been then straw that broke the camel's back. Good luck to someone who at least has the courage of his convictions.
  15. :eek: Will he get a pension and other pay? Any way sorry to see good people to leave :(