Commanding logistic patrols in Helmand

Discussion in 'RLC' started by MoD_RSS, Nov 10, 2010.

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  2. You bet your sweet life they were. Just as German Farmers were always happy to see British vehicles driving over their fields and receiving a substantial payment for their efforts. Good to see how we bring the modern world to these people.
  3. Does anyone know how I can set up an automated reply to anything posted out by MoD website?

    Something along lines of "So what is your point... I can read this for myself on MoDWeb... is it realy news?"
  4. I like the "2Lt Treanor helped organise a 2 mile convoy across the desert"

    He did indeed help out, as a 2Lt he booked all the packed lunches!

    Nice bloke though, wet behind the ears and due for a dry bumming on his return!
  5. You know him then.
  6. Why do you ask? Feeble attempt to "out" me??
  7. Perhaps I'm good a packing lunches?
  8. I hope you are, hopefully better than playing Arrse mind games!

    Am I meant to feel threatened? PM me.
  9. Logistician? Apart from some senior officers I know very few logisticians within CSS. I know plenty of specialists, operators, technicians, drivers, chefs and some dirty ******* movers, but very few logisticians. How about Lieutenant Rob Treanor RLC? He might be a specialist within the RLC but logistician he ******* is not. Typical piss poor reporting and wordering from MOD again.
  10. BPS666, correct as always, he is a specialist, very fookin special..........
  11. Haha. Only playing, I liked the comment.

    And looking forward to that dry bumming.
  12. I suppose a squaddie wouldnt be a squaddie without the power of a whinge or two, also not everyone has the power to look on the defence intranet as we do and there are lots of ex soldiers who love seeing these write ups. You dont have to read the threads by the MOD if you dont want to, its your call and your welcome to take the p*ss in the NAAFI. However some people find it interesting, Ive got lots of mates from 13 Regt (some on their third tour in 4 years) and from the Brigade out on Herrick at the moment and my son is serving with 16 Bde out there with them so happy to see these write ups to see how the lads are doing. Maybe the terminology isnt quite right at times and some job titles are beefed up but at least there bothering their ARRSES reporting amd getting the lads to do blogs.
  13. Herrumph,

    Why not add MoD_RSS to your ignore list?

    Click on the user name, select "view profile" and then "add to ignore list".

  14. Oh, did you think you were you still 'in'? Are you a specialist? How is the weather in BSN/Colchester [delete as applicable]?
  15. or liverpool perhaps