Commanders Warning?

Had a text from my lad last night, he is on stage 1 basic. He has received a " Section Commanders Warning" I've text him back to ask what it means but no reply as yet. Would appreciate if anyone could inform what this means.? Or what the fcuk has he done wrong? Cheers.
If he fails to improve, he goes on Platoon Sgts warning then Plt Commanders with a possible back-squad or even discharge at the later stage.


rottenjonny said:
Cheers Blob, so basically he's fcuk up big time on something! Can a warning be issued for anything? Or any ideas why he might of recieved it?[/quo

A Section Comd's warning is just that - a warning. It can be for anything and everything and serves as a wake up call for the individual involved to get their act together. They also provide an audit trail for a soldier's development and progress and as a previous ATR Coy OC, I found them invaluable when assessing a recruit's future potential. For recruits, they can get really bent out of shape for getting a warning and rightly so but if they manage to overcome the hurdle and work hard, it reflects well on them as it shows maturity and an ability to accept criticism and act on it.

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