Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by HIGHLANDER_SPY, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone have any good or bad memories of the Commanders Cup that each Company in Intelligence and Security Group Germany used to host ?

    I'll start off with a couple.

    In 1976, 7 Intelligence Company used to host the Commanders Cup Rally, using standard Land Rovers. I was in 72 Intelligence Section at the time, based in Lubbecke and our Warrant Officer just happened to be one of the so called "star rally drivers". The rally used to start from Bielefeld and go on through the night with Marshals provided by 7 Int Coy JNCOs, positioned in woods and junctions in the freezing cold. At the end of the rally, normally around 0600 hrs in the morning, whilst everyone went off to get their heads down, including our own WOIC, he ordered the rest of the Section, who had also been up all night to return to Lubbecke for a normal working day. Small wonder that he was later commissioned, decided that his wife and kids weren't suitable enough to be seen around him, divorced them and later married a WRAC Lieutenant to enhance his status - but that didn't last too long either.

    The second occasion was the by now famous Silberhutte deployment to the Harz mountains. 7 Int Coy was returning in a convoy of Land Rovers, all towing trailers, when to our amusement, one impatient young Corporal, who I believe later made it as far as Lieutenant Colonel, decided to overtake a few of us in front of him. Unfortunately, not being known for his attention to detail, he forgot to put the split pin into the towing hook and didn't realise his trailer had come loose and was freewheeling along thhe road towards oncoming traffic. He got away with that one as well !
  2. I take it that this is what is now known as the Tobias Trophy?
  3. I'm afraid I'm not too up to date on the new names, but if so, certainly a worthy memorial to the late John Tobias, someone I am proud to have known and respected both as an officer and a man in Int & Sy Gp (G) and later. Truly a sad loss at such an early age. He was being groomed for much higher things.
  4. I believe that I attended a number of Commanders Cup events including football in Berlin but alas memories of the occasions have been dimmed mainly cos I was pissed as a fart at the time (lets see what swear check does with that).
  5. We were shown the photographs taken at Magdeburg HBF, when I was on a course at Normannen Str. During the days around the competition the Stasi were eventually able to put names, to faces and to arrseh01es.
  6. I remember one young Corporal in 7 Int Coy who was travelling on the Berliner for the Commanders Cup Soccer Competition hosted by 3 Int & Sy Coy. He broke all the rules about communicating with the Sovs and Eastie Beasties from the train and I believe treated them to a "Mooning" between Marienborn and Magdeburg. On his return, he was banned for life from all future Berlin trips only to be posted to 3 Int & Sy Coy in Berlin at the end of his 7 Int Coy tour. He ended his career in the Corps as a Major !

    By the way, 7 Int Coy lost the soccer due to the fact that all 15 members of the squad (yes they were cheating) got pi**ed down Stutti Platz and ended up in the Elefant Bar with some ladies of dubious repute and expensive tastes.
  7. I was captain of the 7 Coy cricket team one year and we were fielding(it was in that pit Rhindearsehole), the bowler, some cpl or other, ran in to bowl, stopped and stumped the non - facing batsman who had followed up out of his crease, except he(the bowler) had failed to do the gentlemanly thing and give a warning first! Nobody spoke to him for the rest of the competition and he was nearly given a 3 month warning order - how we larffed!!
  8. A true story. Think he played for 4 Sy Coy - I know 6 Int Coy bowled bouncers at him when they played, don't think he had a long career in the Corps.

    I don't seem to remember you playing football Shamus, but then again I can't remember many things about Commander's Cup footie in Berlin.
  9. Soccer!! Played rugby for the Lubbecke Layabouts, a gentleman's game 8)
  10. Sorry I forgot Commanders Cup is only Wendy- ball my mistake! Mild Cognitive Impairment setting in!! :(
  11. Only thing good I remember about Lubbecke, when I wasn't on extra duties thanks to the Welsh WOIC 72 Int Sect, was when the local brewery on the hill connected its pipes to the fountain in the Town Square and sold beer in whatever container you brought along for 50 pfennig - we brought along wheelie bins !

    BTW Shamus what was the name of the only disco in Lubbecke ? I picked up some aged, but experienced, bint called Rosie and she gave me a memorable present called Crabs !
  12. Can't remember the name but I have some photos somewhere taken outside it, I'll dig them out and see if the name is visible! Good thing about Lubbecke was due to very few squaddies working there, only the Div HQ and Siq Sqn;(no pea-brained tankies, infantry, or esp paras!!) the local girls were very friendly, I had a great time in Lubbecke!
  13. Shamus

    Don't know if you lived in Tunis Barracks, but I remember a little Gastatte opposite the barracks which was run by an ex-SS man called Heinrich, a tall bald headed sullen man who was definitely unimpressed with the young squaddies.

    We lived in a 10 man room with the Rag and Oil Clerks from the Headquarters and used to have to commute to Tax House by bus every day. That is of course unless I was on extras. Myself and another Lance Jack from the Int Section got 28 days each (which we later found out from the Garrison Sergeant Major was totally illegal) awarded by the WOIC T.. L.... D....., who was gunning for his commission at the time. We were on day on, day off and on the day we were off we had to run back to Tunis Barracks, get showered and changed and be back at Tax House before 0930 hrs or else he would add additional extras on to our punishment. That is until Major General Sir Frank Kitson noticed the frequency that we were greeting him in the mornings and weekends and had a word with the GSM, who had a word in turn with our T.. - needless to say he didn't get his commission that time as expected and had to wait another 2 years.
  14. Sounds like you had a real hard time in Lubbecke! I had it easy then; great WOIC (Bilko), good room in Tunis, too much boozing and womanising though! Looked at photos; even had some taken inside that bar but still can't remember the name!

  15. Could it have been the CC or was that another dive from my dim and distant past ?

    Also found out how useful Araldite could be when one of the truckies discovered that if you coated a DM1 coin with it then dropped it into the Bundespost pay phone in the NAAFI, it would stick just before dropping into the box and you could make a phone call to anywhere in the World for as long as you wanted. Never tried it myself although I did take advantage of a few free phone calls before the Bundespost engineers found out about it - didn't tear the arse out of though it unlike one guy who spent 6 hours on the phone to his family in Nigeria.