Commanders Backbrief


Request for assistance from the Arrse community

Does anyone have a list of headings used for a commander's backbrief to his 1 up?

If so please could you pm it to me or post if not too long or point me to it if it's in a current publication.


Not aware of any doctrinal template (although I wouldn't be surprised if one exists), but would suggest that a variation based on the standard Orders headings is not going to be far off the mark, with appropriate emphasis depending on what you are briefing on.
One of my jobs as a Div Wkpr was to produce such a brief overnight for the COS. Sadly I have no copies of such an item to reference but as Dilfor suggests, it was pretty much in accordance with Orders headings.
If you are giving a Commanders' Backbrief on ICSC/ACSC then the only thing the DS is likely to be interested in is your Intent, SofM, ME and sub-unit msns and tasks.

He'll be too hung over to carry about anything else. He certainly won't be interested in any of your CSS points, or points relating to an arm or service that he is not part of!

If in doubt, dwell in the tactical weeds. This will make your DS feel right at home.

If you are indeed conducting a 'real' Commanders' backbrief, please ignore all of the above. I suggest you then ask him what points he wants covered. No such thing as a stupid question.

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