Commander SPS Commendations

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Rojack, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. A couple of weeks ago I was informed by my uncharacteristically sheepish
    RAO that one of our detachment's Pte Clerks (a female) had received the Commander SPS Commendation.

    Surprised, having known the girl reasonably well for some time and having had no idea that anything she may ever have done could be described as 'commendable' I brushed this off and carried on with what I was doing at the time. When I saw her, I asked what she actually got it for.

    To her credit she laughed and admitted she had no idea whatsoever considering she had not spent much time attached to a DII terminal lately or been involved in doing any 'clerking' as such due to her training to become a PTI. She had basically been sent off to the gym to train for a forthcoming PTI course and had long since forgotten the ills of JPA.

    I personally know of quite a few people past and present, who have made massive personal sacrifices in terms of time spent on things which quite frankly are well beyond their remit, and have gone the extra mile repeatedly, and who have never received due recognition. I believe there are many people who are more deserving of an award - or recognition of some form, but are overlooked.

    My question is this: having seen certain individuals who have received this award in the past it seems that they must surely be picking the names out of a big tombola at DSPS. Maybe it's time that some of our magnificent leaders started giving recognition to those who deserve it rather than to folk who don't even know why they got it in the first place. There's no point giving a bloody award to someone when the individual has no idea why they got it - if that's the case why bother?

    Anyone come across any other instances of this shite happening?

    BTW I'm not bitter that I haven't ever received one - honest.. :roll:
  2. 'Twas ever thus, Rojack, 'twas ever thus!

    In this case, someone in her CoC has got off their arrse and recommended her for a commendation. If people in the CoC don't bring exceptional performance (and I guess that you have not yet established what she really did) to the attention of senior officers, then awards and commedations will only go to the favoured few who know how to work the system!

    It takes time and effort (several rewrites and show-agains for my last effort) to craft a recommendation for an award or commendation!


    LCpl Litotes OBE (and bar) MID several times and Winner of the Inter-Unit Hopscotch 1999. :D
  3. Litotes,

    I don't need to establish what she actually did to get the commendation - I already know. FCUK all. She even admits this herself - she's not a bad girl by the way - it's not sour grapes or anything. I just think that the process for awarding commendations needs looking at and giving to deserving individuals.

    I can only speculate that the mere fact that a 'CHRS' puts herself forward to be a PTI stands out so markedly from the rest of our Corps to be thrusting and different, this in itself deserves recognition in the eyes of the hierachy.

    There's plenty of folk however that manage to keep fit and do their job as well. Wanting to be Gym Queen in itself shouldn't be a thing that should trigger a commendation surely?
  5. FFS turning up for work on time is cause for a commendation with the 'Combat Human Resources Speshulists' round here

    edited for typing like a clerk
  6. Snail,

    Could you PM me with some tips on how you came to be such a witty bloke? I'd love to get a few tips from a comedy genius - you are my hero.
  7. Rojack, no need to get tips from me. Simply do some research on the people you are asking advice from.

    Yours, Dale.
  8. Yeh, and Dales got a commendation so there!
  9. How can she be a Gym Queen? She's a girl! :D

  10. I thought Dale had a dog?

  11. Commendations are easier to walk than dogs, they don't eat as much food and their shite is better to pick up.

    Slug xx
  12. I think our work is done here

  13. Dale might be an officer, she's certainly a one pip wonder.
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    Sound familiar Dale?

    Your comments suggest that I need to do my research - touche.
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