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New show on US television is causing the Republican/Conservatives to go all apoplectic and burble in their beer.. Shows about an ' independent' woman, played by Geena Davis, who was drafted by a republican presidential hopeful to be his running mate to ' secure' the wimmin's vote.. He croaks in office and she - voila - takes over the King of the world pulpit of the Oval Office.. Liberal types are falling all over themselves on this one, wimmin's groups are hosting coffe/doughnut evenings so they can sit around and watch the show and ooh and aww and fantasize and the Right wing is screaming that the Liberal elite TV types are trying to soften up the american public so they'll accept Hillary CVlinton as a presidential contender come 2008.. diabolical.. but a hoot..

The producer of the show claims he just wanted to portray a woman as having the capacity to lead in the 21st century and wasn't out to make a political statement , that's why he made her an " Independent " candidate...

He's been ' removed' from the programme after only two episdoes have aired and been replaced by ' veteran Tv producer ' Steven Bochco [ NYPD Blue, and a host of other macho fare including the " Over There " series about Iraq ] as they say... interesting...

What is it about american Tv and the role of women that they can't have a strong female character in anything?

The series lead has to be stacked and sexy but not just a stunning beauty, she also speaks 7 languages, has an M.A. in economics a history and physics degree, is a lawyer, a qualified pilot and a former kick-boxing champion as well as a nurturing mother of 5 but still be a few sandwiches shy of a picnic when it comes to changing a tire or helpless when she gets a run in her stockings...

it is to laugh....
It often seems to me that certain American groups are extra vitriolic about Hilary Clinton ant the sole reason for despising her over other politicians of the same leanings is that she hasn't got a Y chromosome. It's also odd that several muslim countries (Indonesia & Pakistan for a start) have had female heads of government but I don't think that America has ever even had a female presidential or vice presidential candidate.
Walter Mondale had a female running mate in the 1984 election - Geraldine Ferraro. There was some fuss at the time that, if anything happened to Mondale, it would mean *cough* *splutter* a WOMAN *splutter*, *cough* would become President.

However, Mondale's campaign was run with such aplomb that it gave Leslie Neilsen four years' worth of jokes. Reagan won an even more crushing victory than expected, and Ferraro, as I recall, ended up as a TV host.

Also, IIRC, the Libertarians - not exactly one of the major US parties - put up a female VP candidate in 1972, and she actually got a vote from one of the Electors in the electoral college.

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