Commander Dick promoted!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mad_Moriarty, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Commander Cressida Dick, who was in charge of the operation in which Jean Charles De Menezes was shot has been promoted!!. God help us all..

    No link yet, just off the wire..
  2. Why should the Met be different to the Army? How many utter arrses have you seen made up for fcuking up??
  3. poor bloke...the Brazillian i mean...RIP


    I believe the photo is a fake, but it does sum it up rather well.....
  4. Cressida Dick is to become a deputy assistant commissioner!. What else will she fcuk up!.
  5. Another poltically motivated move by the Met.
  6. Did she threaten to sign off?
  7. Frigging name alone is a joke. 8O :?
  8. It looks like the institution is protecting its own, despite the magnitude of her failure. Is the price in terms of the loss of public support really acceptable?
  9. From:

    Cressida Dick was born, brought up and educated in Oxford. After leaving University she travelled and worked in a fish and chip shop and in a large accountancy firm.

    In 1983 she joined the Metropolitan Police serving as a Constable, Sergeant and Inspector in Central, South West and South East London.

    In 1993 she was seconded on to the staff of the Accelerated Promotion Course at Bramshill. In 1995 she transferred to Thames Valley Police as Superintendent Operations at Oxford and subsequently spent three years as Area Commander at Oxford.

    After attending the Strategic Command Course, Cressida took a career break and studied full time for an M. Phil. In Criminology.

    In June 2001 she became a Commander with the Metropolitan Police. Cressida’s policing interests include public order, hostage negotiation (she trained as a negotiator in 1989), leadership, police ethics and diversity.

    In her spare time Cressida spends as much time as possible in the countryside enjoying walking, running, gardening and various country sports. She tries to keep fit and enjoys playing squash and tennis.

    Holidays are spent coastal and hill walking in Cornwall, Ireland and Scotland with friends and two energetic dogs.

    Another highly qualified waste of space.....................
  10. DAC Dick? You're having a larf.....
  11. A PC promotion? Can't be, she's a DAC - ho ho
  12. No mention of a fella. Whats the betting that she's a Subbuteo Player?
  13. The boss at my old nick was on a course with her (not sue which one but he's a negotiator too so probably that one), he's a good boss and one for the boys so i believe him when he says he wasn't very impressed.

    Seems like another one who says the right words and does the right degree but knows little about the real world of policing on he ground.
  14. I've met her and I think she is OK. Bit starry perhaps but a lot of very senior officers can be. However she seemed genuine enough.

  15. Studied full time for an MPhil - thick cnuts PhD!