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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Aug 30, 2002.

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  1. Last night I was at a drinks thing with a friend who used to be in the Navy.  One of his former colleagues who is still serving was there.  I had not met him before but soon wished I had not met him at all.

    He had just been promoted to Commander and I think he had mis-read the rank as 'Commandant'.  On being told my other half was in the Army, he launched straight into a sneering attack on people who were 'squillions of ranks below me.. and do you realise that if he worked on one of my projects he would have to call me Sir.. haw haw'.  

    I tried to be good humoured about his attitude and asked polite questions about his job including how he kept in touch with the issues faced by the grass roots.  He burst out laughing and said "Oh, p*ss off, why would I want to do that?!".

    How charming - what an inspirational leader he must be.  

    He blithered on about his power and importance and then I asked him when he had last seen active service. He did not have a straight answer but joked about having 'lower ranks' to 'that sort of thing'.

    Finally, on hearing where my chap was posted at the moment, he said 'Oh I know the top guy over there.. do you realise that if I wanted to, I could phone up tomorrow and get your chap's leave cancelled?! haw haw'.  In the end, I laughed and told him how interesting it had been to discover the breathtaking arrogance of the so called cream of the 'senior' service.

    I hope that he is just bad apple.
    Phew - had to get that off my chest after having to restrain myself when I really wanted to stick my heel through his smug face. :mad:
  2. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    " are all probably merely Priavtes or NCOs..."

    Sounds like the Commander you met could be the brother/father of Fatty (quoted above).

    Pity that civvys who can't be bothered to actually talk to anyone in the forces will belive that fu*kwits like these are commonplace throughout.
  3. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    There are a number of senior RN chaps in this HQ, including a 2*.

    They all seem to be just fine.  Well, compared to the RAF that is!
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well we have all sorts here, including a RN 2*, who took over from an Army 2*.  Apart from obvious personality differences, they are both pretty canny guys, as you would hope/expect.

    As to RN v RAF v Army, there are 1* led groups of all three here, and, as long as they are not in a group of their own, are virtually interchangeable, and generally pretty sound.  However, there are miserable bu**ers in all 3 Services, take it from me!  

    Much the same as any other wlak of life, I suppose.
  5. BUMP and bored
  6. What a thoroughly nice chap... not!
  7. Why all the thread necromancy?
  8. In my own life when I encounter a Commander who wisecrack or laugh like that, I tell them to be careful not to laugh to hard or they might strain a muscle and hurt their selves. ....
  9. Just tell him he is a bellend?
  10. Why resurrect a 7 year old thread?
  11. Fcuk off Chubb, you aint got a life.


  12. ....and bored :roll: plus it was the oldest and most boring thread i could find !

    Button did bite though :)
  13. You went to all that effort just to get a response from Button?

  14. No,
    not to get a response from 'Button', i just went to ALL that effort to see if anyone would reply to a 7 year old/boring thread. A lot of people are bored here today, due to the fact that the views have gone from 3hundred odd 7 years ago to millions today.

    Please don't call me names, you might hurt my feelings, and try to see the funny side ( i do ).
  15. tell you what... regarding Chubb.

    i'd be quite happy to pay £5 membership of this site. and then every time chubb rejoined under yet another fucking new identity, she would have to cough up a fiver.

    which could either go to H4H or GoodCO's holiday fund, either is better than leaving it in south wales.

    end result being - she would either be contributing something other than dribble and mongness to the site... or she would fuck off and stop crayoning because her window-licker benefit couldn't cope :)