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having spent an unproductive morning conducting blue sky thinking and drinking tea, the follow question popped into my mind:

How are Lt Cols chosen to become Commanding Officers of their Regiment? Is it down to being a "known quantity" or do they go before some kind of selection board? How does it work when an Officer of one cap badge commands a completely different unit?

Just curious...
In the year you are selected for Lt Col you go forward to the Command Board - a grading then takes place with emphasis placed on your company commander reports. The regiments then say who they would like to be COs (by this i mean the Regimental Colonel/Council not the blokes in the Cookhouse) and if the chosen one has got over the quality line and is not noticably outplaced by someone else from the Regiment who is less 'favoured' - then he gets the job.

So the short answer to your question is a bit of both but heavily weighted towards the selection board based on merit.

If no-one in a Regiment gets over the quality line and the job is coming up - then it is offered up to other Regiments.

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