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Ok, just asking this question for a friend that is an Adult Instructor in the ACF, but is too lazy to sign up on ARRSE.

Can anyone reccomend and explain any good command tasks that are simple but effective? Or any links people know of?


obvious one is a square of minetape or rope or something. you have x barrels and y planks to get to the other side in 10 mins. you can do variations on this, by adding objects to be picked up on the way, having some barrels already placed out and telling the team to bring back whatever they use. give them some rope and a few other useless bits to confuse them!
The easy bit is setting it up, but be sure you have a correct way to demonstrate how it should be done and an easy to understand scoring method or the cadets will soon see them as a pointless exercise and get bored.


Also don't forget safety with heavy planks, barrels and wood little fingers can get trapped!

Ideas ? carrying a wounded comrade on a stretcher or rolling a spare wheel are some good ones

I did see a interesting one once that used the hitching of an empty trailer up to a vehicle where the shark infested custard was just too wide to allow the trailer and hitch to meet. The result had to do with moving the vehicle rather than the trailer, but this one would not be easy with cadets who don't normally drive.

not legally anyway!
One I have seen:

SET UP: Mine tape off a 10 foot square with a 5 foot square taped off in the middle of it. Label sides of square N, E, S and W. Inside smaller square position team, a few ammunition boxes, a padlocked box, a couple of 5 foot planks, some burdens, a couple of pencils and a code sheet. The code sheet has messages such as "the combination for the lock is 4718" and "West is not the way to go" encoded onto it. Devise your own code but keep it straightforward (eg. A=1, B=2, Z=26 or slightly trickier A=26, B=25, Z=1).

THE SCENARIO: You are isolated in a nuclear power plant and there is a radiation leak. You have 15 minutes to get to freedom. If you go the wrong way you will be immediately exposed to a fatal dose of radiation.

THE ANSWER: They interpret the code on the sheet and uncover answers such as "Do not go east", "Open the box for equipment", "It is getting hot in here", "Do not go west" and "You would be wrong to go south". If they are clever they will write these down on the wooden planks so they don't forget them. They will also deduce that north is the correct escape route. If they open the padlocked box they win themselves another 5 minutes because they have found some radiation protection. Need to work as a team to work out the code quickly and move all the burdens.


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Er, by gum, its a couple of years since I were doing these...

The Spiderweb

Get two trees/poles/sticky-up things, and construct a spiderweb between the two, making sure that there are various sized holes between the ropes/tape that you use.

The aim is to get the section through the web without touching it.

The Ladder

Get rope ladder or similar, with sections big enough to stand in (TIP: one of these is often found in PE depts as a sprint training aid) and split the section in two.

Get the 2 groups to stand inside the ladder facing the other team, with a square in between.

ABCD 1234

The aim is to reverse the positions of the section, so it ends up thus:

4321 DCBA

Members can only move into an empty square, they can jump over others, but only one at a time.

Difficult if small time limit, but very good for judging maintenance of control.

Other than these two, get a roped off circle, ammo box in the middle (which is radioactive, therefore only protected people can go near) and selection of equipment :D
Theres the old fox, chicken, bag of seed one. you have a "river" and a "boat" and you must get all items to the other side of the river.

The boat can only carry one item at a time and you cannot leave the fox and chicken together (chicken gets eaten), or the chicken and bag of seed together (seed gets eaten). Not too many health and safety issues and if you dont know the answer it can be a pain in the arrse first time round!
Global Warming

Two teams, minimum of of six logs and some lengths of rope per team. In 15 mins the water level will have risen and flooded the area. Using the equipment you must get your entire team as far off the ground as possible. Winning team is one that gets the highest.


Make a pyramid with three logs and secure with a triangle of three logs as a platform to stand on

Radiation danger


Two lengths of drainpipe (e.g 4m)
Two right angle pushfit joints
Two crates
Golfballs ("borrowed" from driving range?)
Carpet tiles/markers

Set out the markers/tile slightly further apart than the lengths of pipe but so they can be passed between cadets standing on each tile. One cadet per tile (in the no-go zone), remainder split between each end of the no go zone with a crate at each end. The "radioactive" golfballs cannot be touched but must be moved from one end to the other, they must not touch the floor or be lost and must all be transferred in the time limit. the team members do not need to move.


Cram a beret in one end of a tube and load it with golfballs using the right angle. Cram another beret in the other end and pass it between the cadets in the no go zone, empty into other crate. Most cadets try to use the right angles to keep the balls in and end up spilling them everywhere!

Hope this helps. the last one is easy safety-wise.

Cheers for all these, I'll pass them all along, they should come in very handy.

Thanks everyone.

The old 'train pipe with holes'
1* drain pipe with holes of around 1.5mm dia drill randomly into it.
1* Bucket/tap/jerry can.
1* floating object (able to fit inside drain pipe).
number of plastic cup with holes in the bottom.

Ensure that cadets hands are not too small to fit in side drain pipe, lots of small holes are better than few big ones.
Get them all standing on one side of a poncho and tell them to turn it over without stepping off it.

Mega team work required with minimum equipment.
Tell them to conduct two brigade sized expeditionary operations, several thousand miles apart. As they commence the task inform them that their heavy lift air transport is not admissible into service and their medium SHF has been grounded. Finally award OBEs to the cadets who refuse to actually carry out the task but court martial the ones who successfully, somehow, complete it!
There's the old minefield one. Whack a load of "mines" around then blindfold all the cadets, having one to guide them all.

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