Command Tasks

I've got my Main board coming up soon and I found the command tasks the hardest part at Briefing. Does anyone have any ideas how to prepare? Even pratical logic excercises? I found that I was a bit off the pace at grasping the ideas! Thanks for any help.
The important bit of command tasks is not so much whether you can develop a solution, but how you perform both as a leader and a follower. It may be that you are faced with a task that you can't figure out but one of your te can; if this is the case, take on his plan and make it yours. Remember that an officer will not have a monopoly on good ideas but will be the man (or woman) who ultimately decides what is to be done.
Spot on advice from BC there. Also remember that it does not matter too much whether you actually complete the task itself; its the manner in which you deal with the situation (including perhaps failure) that are informative.

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