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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by montmorency, Apr 14, 2005.

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  1. I've got to run some command tasks next tuesday night for a T.A. drill night.

    Any ideas with 'limited resources'

    So far:

    Oil drum in middle of roped off square (can't go in) have to get it out. DS solution use ropes twisted to maintain tension and lift out.

    Blindfolded walking in a grounp with one man infront of the other right hand on right shoulder. leader is outside the area calling directional changes to make the group more round a premarked course.

    putting up a tent blindfolded with leader unblindfolded giving instructions.

    anyother good ones out there guys?
  2. 8 (or more) stood on poncho. Got to turn poncho over without any team member touching the ground. I've seen fist fights break out during this one. Works best with smallest poncho and biggest group.


    Never tried it with a roll mat but that could be fun as well. (For the DS obviously)
  3. Comd tasks:

    1. change wheel on LR without tools or jack
    2. change wheels on LR trailer without LR, tools or jack
    3. casualty on a stretcher through a minefield - with very small zigzag path.
  4. Reasonably long rope tied in the middle to a railing or post giving two 'free' ends. Half the syndicate on each length. Best time to tie a reef knot.

    Edit: To expand on it a bit they hold the rope with both hands and can 'slide' up and down but not let go (hence they are unable to rearrange theselves once 'on'). The trick is to slide all but the first guy at the free end on each rope as close to the knot in the middle as possible......and hope the numpty on the free end knows what a reef knot is. :D
  5. dockers

    dockers Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Fire extinguisher (water) in large rope circle, has to be moved to small rope circle using whatever is available. Not to approach closer than 6ft to Ext, regardless of size of circle.
  6. These ideas are spot on. But could do with some DS solutions :D
  7. your pti's should have a book of these things
  8. The DS solution:

    1. Come up with a plan
    2. Allocate troops to task
    3. Brief group
    4. Control activity
    5. Assess plan as activity is being conducted
    6. Adjust plan and rebrief
    7. Control activity
    8. End