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If you are referring to the leader lead command tasks you don't need to take any notes and I do not think you are allowed to either if my memory serves me right. I know I certainly did not take any notes. It is easy enough to remember in your head (and I believe that is what they are trying to test) unless it has changed massively since I did mine a few months back. However, I'm sure someone will be along with more knowledge than I on the subject.
Best of luck with main board.


These are simple, out of your team, you do the following in this order,

1 Pick a time keeper
2 Pick a 2ic
3 Pick a strongman
4 pick a gymnast smallest lightest and agile
5 pick a doer
6 pick a storeman

Then when you get the brief, listen ask questions, do the last question as a summary question. Go straight to time keeper tell them the time limit and to start the clock, pull the team together tell them there roles, then brief, plan, be flexible and make sure your 2ic is briefed to keep the discipline. Listen to the senior guy, and junior guy and do a plan on balance.

Then you lead the team ( its up to you how you do it and your personality). If the guys do as there roles suggest thats 65 % of the task problems sorted. Keep it simple and stupid.

One of my tasks had tons of kit, we had to get through a electric fence. So one of the REME layed a scaffold pole and shorted it. The assessors said no at the bottom of the kit was two ash poles we just lifted the fence up and crawled underneath. That took two minutes for a 15 minute task. Later in the day we saw a team on barrels with a makeshift crane lifting people over. Moral keep it simple. If you get "killed" your 2ic takes over leadership task will still get completed.
There is no need to take notes. No go areas are clearly marked up red & green respectively. As for briefs on how to use certain pieces of equipment (3 ppl to make a fulcrum) is you cant remember that, take it in, then appoint someone to watch that particular area in case of infringements. Finally, appoint a time keeper who gives you regular updates of the time (every 30 secs).
I presume neither you nor anyone else in this thread were present then for the lecture that the president of the board gives on integrity and spoon feeding people through AOSB?
No, give them no training and then watch them **** it all up, because that's how the rest of the army works.
The brief is too fast to take notes anyway.

If you only remember one bit, remember the mission!


You don't need to take notes and there is little point ******* around 'appointing' timekeepers, 2ics, strongmen, gymnasts, doers, store men or anyone else. Listen carefully to the brief: it won't be complicated. You then get two minutes to come up with a plan, you brief it back to the DS, call the rest of the group over and your time starts when they get to you, so don't waste time with unnecessary words.

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