Command Task

Anyone got any ideas for a command task REME orientated? Needs to be militarised ie no sharks in custard.
machine gun toting shark infested custard?


whenever I needed our LAD to fix anything like a l/rover or jenny, they always managed to carry on fixing their capri ghias over the pits regardless, so a REME orientated command task could be
"do your job"


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Creepy ain,t you the funny one?? Ever had to walk into or out of an area?? No? Thought not ! Why's that then? Because we do our jobs you inbred **** self rightous asshole.Piss off to your own forum!
The only time we have had to fix a generator is after the infantry lads asked what fuel to put in, after explaining they needed to put petrol in they promptly filled it with Kerosene. After we stripped it down and got it up and running again, they filled it up with Kerosene. I'm amazed people like him can even walk straight. :)
Oh yes generators, those amazing pieces of kit that manage to clock up 45 hrs use whilst " in pres "......