Command Task within RESERVES recruit selection

OK, whats the point?

Is it simply to ID future leaders - who'd be ID'd within units anyway?

Is it actually a TEST and if so, has anyone actually failed it?

Why do we insist on it?


1. There is no such thing as reserves recruit selection, just ADSC.
2. Yes, you can fail on the team tasks if you prove yourself unable to work and contribute as part of a team.
3. It is a very good way to highlight/add background to candidates who may not have shone elsewhere, and is not something that can really be revised for.


Assisting on a reserve ADSC (as was) at ATR Pirbright a potential recruit looked like your typical south London Chav. Bad tats, all a bit "geezer" etc. On first glance it would have been easy to dismiss him, and his fitness wasn't particularly outstanding either. However, on the team tasks he really shone. He led well when appropriate, really got stuck in (and not in the "just keep shouting a lot" style that the recruits on the regular recruiting forum keep advising each other is the way to do it) and most of all, really worked hard to support a weaker member of the team when they were starting to fall apart. He didn't shout over him or push him aside, but quietly gave him some helpful tips, gave him encouragement when he made the right decisions and provided lots of support.

The weak candidate still failed (as he should have done) but the poor earlier impression of our geezer was easily over written by his performance on the team tasks. It was a real shame he couldn't run a bit faster as he was exactly the sort of soldier I would have loved to see join my Company. He ended up being my top bloke out of the 30 plus there that weekend, mainly because of those tasks.
It shows the ability to move a barrel of highly radio active waste from inside a minefield to its safe haven on a wooden pallet, thus saving the world from certain destruction.

Certainly on my course it identified certain characteristics of the participants, that were later brought up in group discussions/interviews. I presume the DS use it as a way of finding a weakness and exploiting it to see how you cope.

We do similar things in various management team building exercises to show that communication is key to getting a task done.

So, I guess it has its uses in identifying weakness rather than identifying leaders.
Thank you, Your Grace. Your answer make perfic sense.

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