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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by barbarasson, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. i am looking for command task ideas that could be put into an exercise but which wouldn't require much kit. Any classics I am forgetting? All ideas gratefully received.
  2. The Bungee Web.

    Get the group through the web.
    Can't touch the bungees, and each hole can only be used once.

    Lots of scope for hilarity/injury as the smaller people are thrown through the highest holes!
  3. Erecting a 12 x 12 tent blind folded. The only person who can see is the commander!!
  4. The Poncho challenge
    Get a group of 10 people to stand on a regular poncho. Hoorah. Easy.
    Get them to move off the poncho. Fold poncho in half.
    Get them to stand on poncho. Hoorah. Medium.
    Get them to move off the poncho. Fold poncho in half.
    Get them to stand on poncho. Hoorah. Hard.

    Ring of rope
    Everybody holds hands. Ah. Poofs.
    Make tie a 1m length of in a circle.
    Break the circle. Put it one persons hand through the loop, then get them to hold hands again.
    Now get them to move the rope all the way around the circle without anybody letting go of each others hands.
  5. yep, tent a classic think i will use that. I need to find some pulleys to recover vehicle from 'minefield'
  6. Chick, chicken feed and fox:

    Req: 2x lengths of rope.

    have 1 person reprisent each of the items e.g chicken. Tell them they can only take 1 item across at a time (useing 2 bits of rope to reprisent the river) problem being you cant leave the fox with the chicken and you cant the chicken with the chicken feed. The leader is the one who points out why the hell would the farmer have a fox. :| this one can be exteneded by having 2x 18x24 polls and telling them to make a strecher, with any joy they will realise that their field jackets are durable bits of kit.