Command task ideas for POT officers selection

Hi all,

I have been tasked with coming up with a command task for a potential officers weekend. These guys and girls are all uni students or graduates so it needs to be quite difficult. At the minute i have no timings or confirmed numbers for the groups but i would imagine some where in the region of 45 mins to an hour with groups between 6 and 10 (Ish). Kit wise i can have pretty much anything as long as its not ridiculous. All the standard stuff is available like barrels, planks etc. It will take place somewhere in the north east presumably Catterick training area but this is to be confirmed.

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Hi. I've got a command task weekend coming up, and my first task is to try to get a load of people on the internet to post DS solutions to any of the tasks I may come up against.

Can anyone help?

Many Thanks

Find an Army Recruiting Team nearby and chat to them - they'll have a massive list of command tasks and the kit to match. They'll probably lend you the lot if you ask nicely, if not at least the ideas.
just had a look at that website and most are catered to a touchy feeley or emotional results. need something that has a military emphasis. Being REME i thought maybe about a land rover with a wheel off (Simulated IED/Mine) and having a PTI log/Telegraph pole and loads of timber in a trailer. stack up all the timber and use the log as a lever use the spare wheel and one wheel nut off each wheel but the PSAO thinks this will be to easy. Bearing in mind that all the lads / ladies will be tabbing between stands their timings will all be different and i need time for a brief and de-brief so the activity will be around 20mins at the max. so basically the PSAO wants a Gnarly task that only takes 20 mins to complete if your a genius. hes not asking much.

if i wanted a load of DS solutions to most command tasks i wouldn't bother posting on here as most are simple. What i am after requires a little more brains than the bog standard ones. I have run loads of civvy team building events as and loads of REME recovery stands but as said above this one needs to be extremely hard on approach, with a simple solution, that only takes roughly 20 mins. The Bomb for example will be to easy for these guys and on the training area we wont have pre built structures like at RTC's etc

any serious ideas would be much appreciated.

Blindfold EVERYONE in group.

Place rope loop (tie ends together) on ground.

They must find rope, get everyone on the rope and make a shape wth it.

ie a square or pentagon. All sides equal in length and with the same number of people between corners.

For added complexity make a couple of the group mute aswell.

Doesn't have to complicated for you.

If you have the space a REALLY long rope/big loop makes for more fun (unless the realise they can double loop it) and for extra fun, just leave it as a rope all coiled up (as for walking with) and tell them they have to make the loop.

That will kill a good hour, as they find everyone, assemble, sort out the rope and figure out how to communicate their ideas with no vision.

Don't be put off by them being University types... with no eyesight they'll be just as mongy as anyone else.
Make a course out of posts (tent poles for example) and mine tape. Not to impenetrable.

Blindfold volunteer(s). They then have to navigate course under direction of remainder of group.

One person may have eyes on, but is not allowed to talk.

Another person watches the 'eyes on' but isn't allowed to shout, a blindfolded/enclosed in urban cam hut person can shout.

No hints not tips, just get teh whole group of volunteers through maze. They then have to devise a method of relaying commands etc.

Oh, nearly forgot. Each time a person touches the maze they are out. The mission can be to get 20% of the group through or they have to do knees to the chest instead of getting lunch, something like that.
A slack handful of small tasks just to fill time will also help (e-internet search will find loads).
Seeing as they are student scum.

Arrange an assault course, and fire paint balls at them for the whole duration. Get one of those ball firer things like in dodge ball and fire medicine balls at them, and get tennis ball firer things but drop cricket balls in to the hopper. Paint them gold and call them golden snitches.

At the end they run past a slurry spreader spraying a special sh1t and petrol mix and then through a similarly sprayed cam net. To which is attached lots of trip flares, if they disturb the net too much...
Get a 12 x 12 set of poles and angles and assemble them (no canvas) get the team leader to have a look at the framework while the rest of his team are being blindfolded just around the corner... Instruct the team leader to take his (blindfolded) team to where another (unassembled) set of poles etc is laid out on the ground... Task: Get the poles assembled without the team leader touching either his team members or the poles


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Command task for students - hmmmm?

Give them a time and place and see if they can make it on time?
Here's a novel thought - have you tried RMAS? They will have command tasks up the ying-yang. The Royal Signals also has a command task set in the woods behind 4(Retard) Sqn at Blandford, used for selection of POs, YofS and FofS. I assume the RE have some in Chatham, the REME for Artificer selection, etc. If all you want is ideas, just ask them to send the DS guides to the Command Task sets.
People tend to be defensive about such things... phone up Blandford for the 'DS solutions' for the selection tasks and you'll definitly get rodded off.

I got a load out of RSLC when it was still about, but that was because I was there in person and the DS remembered me... even then he wouldn't give me the 'good stuff' or the professors :D

Get couple of military vehicles (mastiffs and bedfords perhaps) to make it military themed.

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