Command task ban

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 42BdeOCdt, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. Imagine my surprise last night when I went back to my parent TAC only to be told by the Lieutenant who normally looks after me that he was not allowed to let me do the command tasks he had prepared, because of an order from the RTC forbidding any officer type training which is not conducted by them.

    Seems a bit draconian to me, does this happen in other RTCs?

  2. Could be a bit of empire building going on, "we're an extension of RMAS, you're not" not being OTW I couldn't pass comment apart from that.
  3. sounds about right...... :wink:
  4. No wibbling whatsoever.

    The comment I made was ( wrongly ) interpreted by you as a dig against Officers. It was not. It was a gentle hint that, if the Command Task was opened up to all levels of Command - for clarification that includes WOs and SNCOs, JNCOs and ORs - INCLUDING O/CDTS then the youth involved could perform a Command Task.

    (Cunningly un-stealth edit by me, as emphasis no longer required, whereas the comment remains valid, and also the big red letters hurt my eyes. OS.)
  5. sounds like bollox to me. How else will an O/Cdt gain broad and in-depth expereince if he/she is not to practice away from the OTW?

    The 42 Bde OTW should be put back in their box.
  6. Back OT... since when have RTCs dictated TA training nights?

    Officers need to read maps, so no mapreading.. weapons might need to be fired, so bin the SAA.. fit officers? Well howdy doody... etc etc

    No further questions m'lud.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Dear All -

    This thread heavily edited:

    a. Because I can.

    b. Because the exchange between MSR and BB, despite its few amusing points, was not really germane to this, rather interesting, topic.

    Back to the Thread, please.

  8. msr

    msr LE

    Since Tuesday night, according to the original poster...

    But back to the thread: Do other RTC/OTW's insist on this?

  9. IMHO if this kind of centralist doctrine goes on it will bring the whole thing into disrepute since units will just go on and do it on the QT anyway. RTCs do not have the manpower to check all officer training at all units. In any event whilst RTCs are indisputably responsible for officer training, to extend this to banning units from doing something as simple as command tasks is idiotic. As a CO I would ignore such diktat.

    (and anyway as a trainee lawyer I would state it was senior nco training).
  10. There are always ways round this kind of diktat, anyway, e.g. you must have a PTI for a PT lesson, but you don't need one for a Battle Lesson even if it includes strenuous exertion. A similarly imaginative approach could be employed here.

    All this will achieve IMO will be to undermine the OTW and make them look ridiculous.
  11. really officers need to map read :D
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :twisted:

    we'll basha up where all the contour lines are nice and close together :twisted:
  12. In reply to the original post.

    You'll probably find that someone somewhere has asked that OCDTs are limited to their exposure to command tasks.

    i.e don't do command task that are being used at RTC, move the 5 tires, cross the acid filled pit, get through the white mine tape net, get over the 6ft wall using two pole a small Gurka and a length of knicker elastic etc, as this negates the reason for doing them at RTC.

    Command tasks can't and shouldn't be taught verbatim, (sure teach the process) but they are designed to bring the commander out of the group, your Subby should be concentrating on things like map reading, 7 questions, estimate/orders, passing ASBO etc
  13. ASBO? I know mess rugby can get a bit rough, but still!...
  14. I agree about not teaching the exact CTs that are done at Westbury; hopefully this is what the ban is about, not ban outright.
  15. AOSB is happily know as ASBO :D

    Its the new name for Regular/TA Commissioning Board, Army Officer Selection Board.