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Discussion in 'RAC' started by BarceBandit, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. I have recently been given details and photo of our Queens Bays CO's cammand tank from old mate Tom Jones 111 the CO's radio operator.
    The tank (Comet) had the 77mm. removed and a wooden mock 95mm. built outside, the turret was leather padded and had five No.19 sets.
    There were also extra water tanks but not sure if they were in or outside.
    (Also a ladder for the CO to climb in and out!)
    My question is, are there still command tanks ?
    (Have added pic alongside link halftrack.)

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  2. Commanding officers of armoured regiments and brigade commanders have a tank as well as other vehicles but to the best of my knowledge the only difference is the rank of the crew and the radio set up. all else is standard.
    But I could be wrong :roll:
  3. In the Chieftain & CR1 days we had Gun, Control & Command tanks. I believe all the CR2s have been wired up the same so they can be configured to what ever role at the drop of a hat....................preferably a of course!!! :D
  4. Having cut my teeth on Churchills is a CR2 a Challenger 2?
    I am led to believe that they now have 'electric' brew-up kits fitted?
    I did work on one of two original Cents at Lulworth in 46, the other was at Bovvy on field trials.
  5. Still is three varients in name as S54 stated, externally you dont know the difference inside the latter 2 have more radios so less rounds remove radios replace racks and its back to a gun tank. The electrical brew up kit is called a boiling vessel (BV) used for both food and drinks.
  6. I bet the BV is not so exciting as the Benghazi Brewer! but you probably keep your eyebrows!
    Just had more info from Tom Jones 111, the water tank was in place of co-ax besa, three No.19 sets, one 48 set infantry co-ordination and one 54 set Ground to Air.
    All personal kit except pistols kept in link half track.
    (When 2nd.Armd.Bgd. broke up Tom transfered to Life Guards in Palestine, I went to 1st.KDG in Libya.)
  7. Yep you are right, only other differance is the CO's crew are usually highly skilled not to mention extremely good looking :)
  8. You wouldn't have a 11 call sign perchance. :roll:
  9. I might have, what gives you that idea
  10. D'you still wear the Lion Rampant?
  11. Only 2 types of CR2 in the bowman era, Gun tank with twin fit vhf radio and a command variant with twin fit vhf, single hf and HCDR :lol:
  12. B Bandit - Why was the turret "leather padded"?. Was the CO 'funny' that way (ex-Public Schoolboy, I'm assuming), or did the crew also wear those silly white jackets that did up at the back?.
  13. I hung my Lion Rampant up a few years ago but yes 11B crew do still wear it.
  14. My first job in my regiment was CO's gunner on a Chieftain Mk 3S; my loader and driver were both troopers too and the commander when the CO wasn't using the tank was a LCpl so rank and experience certainly didn't come into it in my regiment - mind you, we were bloody good!!!! :D
  15. myself = Driver
    Sgt (schools gunnery inst) = Gunner
    RSWO = loader
    SSgt = surrogate commander

    Certainly the best job i did on the wagons, especially on ops.