Command,Communications and Information Systems Specialist RE


i want to join the RE military engineer communications, but i dont know enough about the job of what it involves. will i be stuck in a tent on the phone of will i get my chance at fighting and the combat engineer side of life to?


from what i understand so far it seems we would be using computers and radios..but dont what exactly or where abouts we would be seems a mystery.

what do you want to join smithsrail?


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I'm going C3 Systems (ie, Communications specialist) in roughly 2 or 3 months.. waiting for some paperwork to come back from Glasgow which will have the date I start included in it.


i was going to go as driver but now want to change to MILITARY ENGINEER COMMUNICATIONS as long as im not stuck in a tent for my whole career and get to work on the combat engineer side of things. what info have you on the job?
Job description:

The Military Engineer

(Command,Communications and Information Systems Specialist) (C3 Systems)

is foremost a soldier, a combat engineer and then a military communications system specialist who sets up, operates and maintains field communications equipment in Royal Engineer units. They have a comprehensive knowledge of the operation and maintenance of radios, remote antennae and battery charging equipment. They also have the ability to organise and control an isolated radio station and are able to diagnose and rectify simple faults, and have a thorough knowledge of voice procedure and unit codes.
Responsible for the secure transmission and accurate reception of messages at their station, using voice and data communications systems, they are trained to gain a driving licence category C+E, and may be responsible for a unit vehicle and its maintenance.
Recruits are also trained as combat engineers, enabling them to support the Infantry with engineering tasks such as bridging rivers, and even fight as Infantry soldiers.


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