Command and Staff Cadre

I'll kick off if I may (and you knew I would :twisted: ).

I have no truck with those who wish to follow the staff route but what grips my sh*t is those that think they have a God-given right to do it with no formal training.

For example. An officer from another Corps (I'm being careful here) was discussing working on the staff the other day. This particular officer felt aggrieved because they weren't being given the same opportunities as MSOs to follow the route of Staff and Command. Fair enough says I. Have you done AJD? No. ICSC(L)? No. What sort of staff training have you had? Two weeks at Keogh on the IOC several years ago. FFS. :x

Now, this is precisely the sort of attitude that got us all in the brown stuff in the first place. I find it incredible that these people do not have the ability to understand precisely what is required of them outside their own comfort zone (believe me, this individual is in their comfort zone) and are unwilling to recognise where their strengths lie and do not lie. Working on the staff is not simply a case of shoving bits of paper around whilst the coffee machine bubbles away in the corner and the Mk1 Labrador licks your balls, it goes way beyond that. I'm not going to sit here and champion it because frankly, staff work is a pain in the arse and I know where I'd rather be but the need to add value and take things forward is paramount. I'm no Staff ninja but I know whats what and where it should go.

Equally, we are also guilty of posting personnel into posts when they clearly do not have the ability to function adequately and do the job any justice. Thankfully, this is gradually being whittled away and more and more senior officers are coming through who have done ACSC for example.

That's it for openers, what do others think?
I can't help feeling that the C&SC is a hash of a solution. The problem: underqualified PQOs making a screw-up of command posts. So why not simply remove them from the equation and make them do the job for which they are so handsomely remunerated?

Because, of course, a doctor (or nurse or dentist or whatever) joins the Army to do something "a bit different" - i.e. to command soldiers. But they still want to be members of their dedicated profession. They'd leave in droves (and fail to sign up in equal numbers) if we took away their chance to look meaningfully to the horizon and say "ah, yes, when I was CO of my regiment..."

And, to be fair, however much the MSO Cadre might be gradually improving (the genepool will get that much better when I say my farewells next year...), we don't have the quality to take on all of the command and staff roles that are currently available, nor does the cadre have sufficient clinical knowledge to be fully effective in these roles - another point that the C&SC should be addressing: cross-functionality.

Hence, the hash. Best of a bad job and all that. It'll be interesting to see whether it really works, or whether the docs still get slipped into the best jobs on a nod and a wink from AMS MCM Div, "because otherwise he'd leave and we need to keep our capabilities up".


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