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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Broker, Oct 11, 2008.

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  1. yea it opens allot of doors and most of the time is great

  2. na its generally boring

  1. Hey, I am looking at the CSO but don’t understand exactly what the job involves:

    is it: basically going out into the field and operating the equipment. e.g. sending messages to the troop commanders and so forth about the enemies and s***?

    Any advice is welcome
    p.s hope those who have been or are in the trade will vote appropriately
  2. yea i have read that, But to be honest i cant say to the careers officer word from word lol..
  3. Basically,

    It really depends on which unit you get posted to.

    Bowman unit - Sat in the back of a wagon listening to a radio and passing on messages

    Cormorant - Sat in the back of a bigger wagon watching the CS eng doing his job

    Satcom - Sat in a tent/building passing on faxes and answering the phone

    Some units have a mix of the 3 above, some are totally different altogether, But unless you end up SF, dont expect to be within yards of the 'enemy'.

    Can we pressume from your name that this has been a bad week for you and your looking for a career change?
  4. ah well, i want a job were i am out there... working on the communication asspects, i dont want to be sat in a office, i want to be out there surviving
  5. Well which side draws you more? Comms or surviving?

    If its comms then join the Royal Corps.

    If its survivng then try the Infantry.

    But bear in mind, there are plenty of opportunities in the Signals to get shot at, and there are plenty of signaller jobs in the 'Teeth arms'.

    If you take the signals route, it might take a few years before you can get posted to a unit that gets into the thick of things, on the flip side though, if you go Inf or Arty, it mght be a few years before you can get on the platoon signallers course.

    The choice is yours
  6. But na i want to get stuck in with the signals... as long as i am properly taught what i need to know then i will be ok, but i also want not to be in the thick of it, but id like to be outside on the field even if I am not attacked to a platoon straight from the start, so what i mean is i want a active live with the communications.. a bit like the guy on the communication system operator picky on the armed forces website, yet you state that i COULD be stuck behind a office, and that the job is mostly sitting around?
  7. Christ... Not sure if its just because Ive had a drink but reading your last post was hard graft.

    Good effort with attempting to sort your phys out, but it sounds like you think that joining a corps will give you a (physically easier ride)... you might be in for a shock fella.
  8. lol, no I don’t mean anything of the sort, ( a easier life )

    I know that being a solder and a tradesman will be more physically and mentally demanding, that’s what I want, to be out and about working / operating the communications on the field, not behind a desk or anything like chamoo stated.

    And i want to know what in the corps would give me that opportunity, it seems only the communication system would, yet apparently it wouldn’t?
  9. Judging by your posts I sincerely suggest you look at the entry requirements again for comms sys op.
  10. But on the more productive side, have a look at Comms Sys Eng, more interesting and a lot more in touch with the modern side of comms.
    Well, as modern as it gets for the MOD.
  11. well, the entry reqs, i am at so.. but i dont have the Q's for cse
  12. I never once mentioned that you'll be stuck in an office. That will come as you progress up the ranks.

    I think maybe your perception of 'in the field' is a bit muddled.

    Royal Signals - Back of a Landrover/4 tonne/ tent/432/Boca/Any building we can find

    Inf - Running around, radio on back getting shot at.

    You will be out 'in the field' but you wont always be in the thick of things. The Royal Corps of Signals is a rear echelon Corps and therefore doesn't generally get to run around with the proper soldiers at the 'front'.

    Although there are a few members of the Corps lucky/unlucky enough to get that opportunity, it normally takes a few years of proving yourself as a good operator before you get the chance.

    One last note, do something about your english because if your typing and spelling is that bad now with no pressure on you, then you'll never pass trade training.
  13. lol thank you chamooo that has indeed cleared things up for me, as long as my job doesn’t involve me stuck in an office constantly lol, I am ok. Yea i don’t want to be in the thick of it, just with a little bit of action here and there. You know, enough to call myself a solder and fighting for my country.

    As for the English, yea generally my spelling is not bad when I am writing, but this is a pc so ;)
  14. Not a problem,

    Just remember, you cant go wrong with spell-check