Comm Sys Engineers help, please read

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by pingu823, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. Could any CSE's that have passed their phase 2 within the last year (or since the job actually come into force), please IM me.


  2. 96 views and not one bloody reply......... thanks
  3. Could be that no CSEs actually viewed this page you know. Maybe their aren't that many on ARRSE, and not many that have seen this?

  4. i have one now!! whoopie!! hopefully they're just like buses
  5. I'll talk to you. I'm a Relay OP

    XXX love you
  6. What do you want to know Pingu?
  7. I used to love Pingu when I was younger. Not the original poster... The cartoon.

    Anyway, if I can hijack his thread a little I have a question relating to the topic and the trade that I'll be enlisting in early next year.

    Is this information in this thread still (reasonably) current? I'm not concerned about quals as I've already done my selection and been accepted onto the job, but I am interested to know if the information regarding pay and promotion prospects are still the same?

    My careers office suggested that CSE are 'usually' promoted upon completing phase 2, and that is borne out by c_f in that thread.

    Anyway, apologies for the hijack Pingu.
  8. CF,

    Just wanna chat with someone who's doing the job atm. I spent 5 yrs as a SpecOp, so I know all about regimental life etc etc.

    Just want to find out what they do day to day at their respective units. I want to do night school and a CCNA after I've left Blandford.

    Would like to know what postings would be good so that I get hands on experience on Cisco kit.
  9. If you want hands on commercial kit, most places are now teeming with it. Unfortunately the pinheads who sign our contracts voluntarily tied our hands regarding how much squaddies are allowed to touch. There's a bit of a conspiracy going on - the contractor supplies comms kit but delivers a bespoke management system on top "to make it easy to manage". Then comes the cunning bit - they write the contract saying that military personnel are forbidden from operating outside the so-called management system. A bit like saying you are only allowed to use "our bus" to get to the shops. If it breaks down we'll order a replacement bus for you. What it means is a lot of frustration for engineers who want to fix stuff but they're not allowed.

    I say hold your nerve, use your first posting to get back into being a squaddie (and don't get busted this time) and then aim towards specific technical challenges on your second posting. Somewhere like DSG Northwood or USSO is good for specialist skills.