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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Franz, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Howdo, I'm shortly off to be a monkey (sorry about that) but I'm afraid that I've gone on about the army a bit too much and convinced my brother that the army is a good idea. He is the more sensible of the two of us and is interested in joining as a student nurse, both because he wants to and because he likes the idea of having a useful skill when he gets out, whenever that may be.

    Now, I have two questions if anyones got a couple of minutes.
    1. The army website says its possible to comission once you've been qualified for two years, how likely is this assuming your good enough anyway, or do Officers tend to be qualified before they join? ( oh, and whats the age limits on this?)

    2. If you stay for the full 22 years within the ranks and reach what ever lofty level will you be able to move to the NHS at a similar level or will you find yourself right back at the bottom of the ladder in civvy nursing.

    Cheers for you help
  2. Very good chances of applying for and getting a commision after at least 2 years post qualification and you also get loads of civvie qualified nurses coming in as direct entrants.

    Depends on what grade he applies for within the NHS, apply for lowly grade get lowly grade, apply for higher grade get higher grade. Same as any job.

    See PM
  3. Whatever else they may do, tell them not to join as a direct entry qualified Junior Rank nurse. They'll get seen off. For me, the choice would be between joining as a student (getting paid rather than a crappy bursary), or training as a civvy, doing two years post-reg and then going for a commission. ATM, the QARANC is (I think) the most undermanned Corps in the Army, so getting qualified and going for a commission looks good.
  4. Just to affirm what others have said....definately wait until 2 years post-reg. and commission straight in.
    Be treated like an adult and go to Iraq, not like a moron and go to Iraq! You see!? There is a less than subtle difference.
  5. Its conkers tell him to join the tankies or something manly instead !
  6. He can probably spell his own name and is therefore clearly overqualified for many other Corps.
  7. Cheers for the help.

    Your advice has pretty much made his mind up for him, he likes the idea of being paid whilst your learning so that he's not in too much debt just to get the training - a five grand bursary is nice to train in civvy st but it doesn't even come close to paying for it. Also as long as his experience is going to be recognised by the NHS later on then we can't see a down side, as well as in terms of motivation the possibility of a commission later in his career is pretty tempting. (Bugger, will that mean I'll have to saulte him at Christmas at the folks).

  8. if you think the nursing corps outshines the rest of the army you are very wrong. some of the thickest "soldiers" i have met are wearing grey.
  9. Without a doubt true, but student nurses in the AMS are 'minimum five GCSE's at good grades thick' as opposed to 'reading age of eleven thick'. Also I wasn't joking about recruits being unable to spell their own name. I have, in a professional capacity, come into contact with soldiers who struggle with the most basic literacy skills. But none of them were in grey (or indeed the wider AMS).
  10. Franz

    youve been given good advice.

    second angle - if your brother doesnt get accepted (but i hope he does) - if he starts his training in the NHS - he could join the TA Medics as a CMT(V), and commission in the TA immediately upon qualifying! Does FTRS for a couple of years then transfers to Regulars.

    but for his financial sanity - the army does pay better than NHS and the training is exactly the same.


    A grey thicket