comings and goings of adult instructors

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Its_a_troop!!, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. Right then folks
    I have been doing this for quite a few years now and feel the need for an outburst, so here goes! ====================
    Im sure you are all aware of the workload and the commitment expectations involved with this organisation,
    I feel as a result Our more qualified Die hards and cadet force career type people are just throwing in the towel, this is obviously a bad thing, as then there is a big skills gap, so others are forced sometimes into roles they dont really want and then ultimately leaving and so on and so forth. Also new instructor see the workloads involved and sometimes make a sharp exit, it seems like a constant uphill struggle to keep the cadets in good training and providing decent camps etc,
    Was looking at forecast of events and there is pretty much something on every weekend, now im aware of the goverments generous input into the organisation and as a result regional Head quarters and brigades want to see results, but i feel is all a bit much at times not only for the cadets but for the adults too!

    I enjoy cadets i really do, but it certainly grips my shite at times!

    Rant over

    feel free to mock point and laugh or whatever but feels good to vent steam now and then!

  2. Good points indeed Troop.

    Within our County we get large numbers turning up for potential AI recruiting day, this is naturally whittled down but we get a substantial number completing the actual AI course. Of those many make a quick exit either before or not long after ITC.

    Within our Companies there is a very strong tendency for weekend camps, assessment weekends, shooting days etc to be staffed by the same old faces time and again. As usual the "old reliables" are first point of contact for those needing staff. Quite a number eventually get sick of it and just stop.

    Your point about people being forced into jobs they neither like or want is well borne out as within our County the argument "well someone has to do it and we know we can rely on you" is a tired old routine trotted out again and again.

    All of the above having been said is it not just like many areas of life? Those who are willing make the effort do so, those who are not simply do not bother.
  3. One of my mates has been a PI since the beginning of the year and has recently discovered that there is no training planned and the next ITC is in October but as there doesn't seem to be anything planned to get them sorted for that, they have resorted to talking to the 3* cadets and getting them to help with everything that is needed.

    I know that all counties are different but apparently the training used to all be done before the AI's even met the cadets, now its dragged out and the people who want to be there and help train these young people aren't getting the training THEY need to be able to.

    My mate goes up every week and isn't able to do anything except sit in, oh yeah and watch the current Sgt's sit on their backside's all night not doing anything.
  4. Ranger i totaly agree with "the same old faces" quote that should be the new cadet force motto!

  5. The problem with the system is that CEOs and HQ staff are mostly (if not all) ex regs. They dont seem to comprehend that AIs have full time jobs, families and beer tokens!!

    Most AIs see cadets as a great hobby and love doing it. But thats it a HOBBY. Ive got a career thanks and it pays the mortgage.

    I understand brigade wants value for money with weekends. However too many weekends p**sis the wife off. Women are evil things and always get their own way so AIs end up leaving.

    Quality training, not quantity is required. :numberone:
  6. This is in a similar vein as "Det Commander Cracking up" thread.

    Of my AIC intake there were 14 some ex cadets, ex forces and civvie street, of these 5 continued to ITC, which is complemented by new intakes of the next AIC after ours, making a grand total of 7, of these 1 has since been sacked now another looks like he is dropping off the scene altogether.

    so we are back to 5 and that seemed to be quite unusual as we usually lose a fair bit and i haven't noticed any big increase in staff, we may have more in uniform but sometimes they don't turn fup for weeks at at a time then probbaly pop up and dissappear again may the odd weekend camp and annual camps thats about it.

    its not just numbers we are looking for , its reliability as well.
  7. Never got as far as sending the forms back. Far too much expected for a person with a job and family.

    The local captain, if I remember, said he has a female AI doing a round trip of 100 - 120 miles twice a week as he has no other bod's for the job!!!!!

  8. some shake up is needed, will it happen ?

    this really needs discussing before we hit that slippery slope and start losing more staff than coming in.

    Discipline is another issue, I had to bollock some Cadets in my unit, it seems they think its like boys own adventure without any discpline in it, I was that fed up that I read the Riot Act out to them , its actually one of the rare occasion I lost my temper with the Cadets.
    seems under the previous DC there wasn't much discipline inflicted on them, this is the hardest unit I had to lick into shape so far.

    with lesser mortals with little experience and personality may walk out due to this as well as the lack of support.
  9. I couldn't agree with this more. It seems that we are all pretty much in the same boat. Something does need to be done as it is only the cadets that will lose out.

    Who knows. And what can 'they' actually do about it? Any thoughts?
  10. I suppose the only thing to do is to close detachments and source instructing staff where needed, now this isnt ideal but it saves money.
    So its either keep detachments open and stuggle on as we are and wait for the miracle of a sudden hugh interest by adults which is unlikely,
    Or close weaker detachments until adult staff levels allow for re opening,
    the adults could then move around the area to help support other dets
    This i believe is the only way!
    Girth has it right quality not quanitity

    No matter what choices are made cadets and adults will suffer in some way

  11. once you close a Detachment, It can be hard to restart and catchment areas may sufffer.

    perhaps a more realistic recruitment is one way forward, by letting the adult know what really happens and why we need new faces and being honest about the potential problems, that way many will join up with open eyes and no chance of dissapointment as from the bottom the only way is up and it can only get better !

    these same adults may not want to move and prefer their local area for family and work reasons.
  12. I think recruitment and retention is down to good leadership and positive management..................maybe we are as an organisation not being honest enough with new recruits and when the realisation of the commitment hits home they get a bit daunted and fcuk off........maybe we should be looking at minimum service times before being given dets.......proper det commander courses high lighting beaurocracy needed to fulfill handling..........the setting up of a strong peer support drinking and spleen venting sessions after parade's a tough one but sometimes when you start it feels like you are fumbling around in the dark.......this feeling is not a good one to have when new to an organisation like ours, maybe we could look at a 'buddy ' system or mentorship or something so that that initial sense of bewilderment even for experienced folk doesn't lead to wastage...............
  13. Semper i suggested those things as have seen them happen, and yes re-stocking a det with cadets once has been re-opened can be a problem, but with the right team if instructors well shouldnt be a problem really!
    Also flexibility is needed in an organisation such as this i have a det within walking distance from where i live but i travel 8 miles twice a week to parade, strengths and weaknesses need to be placed correctly to be effective!

    I totally agree with you on being honest with new instructors they need to know what they are letting themselves in for, so they dont waste their time and the ACFs

  14. As one of the "same old faces" it does not take long to get booked up. Of the 5 weekends in March I am booked for 4 of them.

    They know I will do it as the only other result would be it cancelled and they know I will not allow the Cadets to miss out. I think it would be terrible if Cadets could not do something because no one could take them.

    I also believe the Cadets have a better time if they go with someone who actually wants to do it then having someone spammed to do it.

    I also am one of the few with the "right ticks in the box"

    KGVI, DCCT, RMQ FB FAW which does tend to limit the amount of people they can ask.

    If you find the answer please let me know.
  15. Sometimes you just have to say 'No'

    If county does the square root of fcuk all to attract and retain new staff, don't bail them out by sticking the proverbial broom stick up your arse and being all things to all cadets.

    I make it a point of doing what I want, and what I can do well and am adequately trained and resourced for.

    I martyred myself once before and after 18 months, I was going mental with the pressure and had to quit.

    (I am currently in the ATC, which currently is better resourced, but was ACF for 4 years and know exactly what the problems are)